ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series Live Blog

Alright folks, I’m going live covering the undercard fights for ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series. I wasn’t able to catch the first half of the card but the results can be seen below.

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Showtime Fights:

Muhsin Corbbrey def. Lee Gibson - Decision (Unanimous)
Aaron Rosa def. Jefferson “Tank” Silva - TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
Scott Jordenson def. Chris David - Decision (Unanimous)
Jaime Jara def. Jeremiah Metcalf - KO (Punch)
KJ Noons def. Edson Berto - KO (Knee) Internet Fights:

Shayna Bazler def. Jan Finney - Submission (Armbar)
Josh Neal def. Eric Beondo - TKO (Strikes)
Anthony Ruiz def. Jason Geris - TKO
Anthony Rubalcava def. Drew Montgomery - KO
John Reedy (2-2) vs. Brian Cobb (8-4)

Shayna Bazler vs. Jan Finney

- Coming out first is Jan Finney… Finney is sporting a pink top and looks extremely similar to Julie Kedzie.

- Out next is Shayna Bazler sporting a black top and walking with former PRIDE heavyweight Josh Barnett.

- 3, 3-minute rounds. Nelson Hamilton is the referee in charge. They meet in the middle for a rather tame stare down.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Immediately both ladies exchange kicks and then they go to the clinch with Finney pinning Bazler up against the fence. After a few reversals Finney regains her position. Bazler lands a few heel shots to Finney’s thigh. They continue to battle in the clinch with Bazler attempting a few knees to the midsection. Due to a lack of action they are separated. Bazler throws a kick to the body and Finney comes forward with a good punch combination. Again they clinch and this time Bazler pins Finney against the cage. Bazler lowers her level and secures a beautiful single legged takedown. Bazler moves to side control and rains down a few shots. Bazler then transitions to an armbar and locks it in. After a short struggle Finney decides it’d be best to tap rather than snap.

Shayna Bazler - Winner Submission (Armbar)

- Up next is a little middleweight action as we’ll be seeing Josh Neal vs. Eric Beondo.

- Showtime will be back August 25th with another installment of ShoXC. It looks like the headliner will be Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett vs. Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela.

Josh Neal vs. Eric Beondo

- Eric Beondo is the first to come out walking to a little Pink Floyd…

- Out next is Josh Neal hailing from Turlock, California. They are hyping Neal up as a street fighter turned mixed martial artist.

- Cecil Peoples is the referee in charge of the action.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch and immediately Neal moves forward looking to throw his hands. Beondo wants none of it as he shoots in and fires Neal up against the cage. Neal defends it after a little work and they move back to the middle. Neal comes forward with another combo but this time Beondo responds with a few shots that catch Neal. Neal stumbles backwards and falls to the canvas. Beondo follows Neal to the canvas and attempts to attack but Neal defends with an active guard. Beondo moves from side control to and armbar and as he does he gives up position. Neal gets top position and immediately moves to the mount. Beondo then tries to roll and as he does Neal sinks in the hooks and begins to work hard for the choke. Beondo escapes and they return to the feet. Beondo lands a shot and then Neal responds with a low kick followed by a hard shot. After another good kick Neal lands a hard knee and rocks Beondo. Beondo falls to his hands and knees and Neal finishes him off as Cecil Peoples jumps in.

Josh Neal - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Up next is a heavyweight tilt featuring Anthony Ruiz and Jason Geris.

Anthony Ruiz vs. Jason Geris

- Coming out first is Jason Geris who looks hyped up and ready for some action.

- Out next is Anthony “A-Train” Ruiz would looks to be very calm and focused.

- Cecil Peoples is the referee in charge of the action. “Any questions, lets dance.”

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch as they bounce around in the middle of the cage. Ruiz lands two solid low kicks. Ruiz flicks his jab out as Geris misses with a kick. Ruiz missed with a big wild punch and then Geris moves in and lands a good overhand right. They exchange a few more shots and then they clinch along the cage. Geris is able to toss Ruiz to the canvas where he begins to work from side control. After a short moment on the canvas Geris decides to stand up. Ruiz moves forward with a few strikes and then they clinch again. Geris immediately trips Ruiz and puts him on his back. Working from side control Geris lands some knees to the body followed by a few short shots. The fight is stood back up. Geris has a small cut on his forehead. They exchange on the feet and Ruiz looks to be landing some beautiful shots. After a few hard rights Geris looks to be in trouble. They clinch along the cage. Ruiz lands some knees to Geris’ thigh and then they are separated. Geris looks to be in serious trouble, very tired. Ruiz immediately charges forward with some shots. They clinch and then when they separate it’s Geris who comes forward looking to exchange. They clinch again and then are separated by the referee. They begin to exchange and Ruiz lands 3 consecutive hard rights and as the bell rings Geris is having trouble even staying on his feet.

- After seeing the replay it looked like Geris injured his ankle. The official announcement was an injured knee.

Anthony Ruiz - Winner TKO

- Up next is Anthony Rubalcava vs. Drew Montgomery.

Anthony Rubalcava vs. Drew Montgomery

- Out first is Drew Montgomery looking very big for a light heavyweight.

- Following Montgomery is MMA newcomer Anthony Rubalcava from Team Voodoo.

- Jason Herzog is the referee.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves and immediately Montgomery moves forward looking to strike. Montgomery throws a few punches and then Rubalcava gets him to the canvas. Rubalcava rains down some shots from the top as Montgomery utilizes a closed guard. Rubalcava lifts Montgomery off the canvas and slams him back down. Rubalcava gets Montgomery pinned against the cage as he continues to work the body. Rubalcava lands a flurry and then uses it to move to half guard. Montgomery is able to regain full guard. Rubalcava continues to posture up and rain down flurries of shots from the top. Rubalcava postures up again and fires off a hard flurry and then he moves to the half guard. Hard shots to the body as Montgomery regains guard. Rubalcava posturing up and landing big bombs. Montgomery eating shots and not defending as the referee jumps in to call the fight.

Anthony Rubalcava - Winner KO

- It’s time for John Reedy vs. Brian Cobb, the final fight of the night.

John Reedy vs. Brian Cobb

- Out first is Brian Cobb walking to Crazy by Gnarles Barkley

- Next out if Team Voodoo fighter John Reedy.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a quick glove touch. Cobb throws a few punches and then shoots in and puts Reedy on the canvas. Cobb takes the mount and then rolls for an armbar. Reedy gets out of it and gains top position. He rains down some bombs but Cobb defends. Cobb goes for an armbar and Reedy slams him. He then goes for a triangle and is slammed again. Reedy passes the guard and lands a good left. Cobb regains guard but again he powers out and passes. Cobb regains guard and then fires his guard up for a triangle. Reedy powers out. They return to the feet and clinch along the cage. Cobb gets back position and begins to work for the choke. After defending it for a short moment Cobb sinks it in and Reedy taps.

Brian Cobb - Winner Submission (Armbar)


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