Shooto Releases Card for Back to Our Roots 5

Shooto has announced seven scheduled bouts for their Back to Our Roots 5 event that will take place on September 22nd at Korakuen Hall in Japan.

Along with the announced fights, Shooto has also stated that Rumina Sato will participate in the event as well. Sato currently does not have an opponent.

Class A Bantamweight: Mamoru vs Yasuhiro Urushitani
Class A Featherweight: Kenji Osawa vs Daniel Lima
Class A Bantamweight: Setsu Iguchi vs Jin Akimoto
Class B Flyweight: Atsushi Takechi vs Shinya Murofushi
Class B Lightweight: Eiji Murayama vs Sakae Kasuya
Class B Featherweight: Hiromasa Ougikubo vs Kazuya Tamura
Class B Middleweight: Akihiro Yamazaki vs Daisuke Okumiya


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