Sherk Required to Submit Additional Sample

Sean Sherk weighs-in for UFC 73: Stacked. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk, who is still feeling the after-effects of a positive test for steroids under the watch of the California State Athletic Commission last summer, will be required to submit an additional drug test one month prior to his showdown with B.J. Penn at UFC 84: Ill Will.

Caleb of MMA Predictions reports that Sherk was informed of the mandatory pre-fight test via a tele-conference with the Nevada State Athletic Commission yesterday. It’s interesting to note that Sherk hasn’t even been licensed to fight in the state of Nevada as of yet. Passing his assigned test in two weeks will go a long way in getting approved I’m sure.

Something that can be filed as ‘WTF’:

One staff member also asked Sherk to explain an assault charge that Sherk received in 1994. Sherk explained that he was at a bar with friends, and one friend got into a fight with another group of men. Sherk got involved as the fight moved to the parking lot but claimed it was “a mistake… something I wouldn’t do again”.

This will be the fifth time that Sherk has fought in the state of Nevada throughout the course of his career and the NSAC is just now asking him about this? Maybe they’re just going with a zero-tolerance policy but asking him about things that have nothing to do with steroids doesn’t make much sense to me.

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