Shamrock vs Shamrock Imminent?

Randy Couture wasn’t the only one discussing his future on last night’s HDNet Fights broadcast. Ken Shamrock was shelling out hints as well.

When asked about his brother’s recent comments about possibly fighting each other by HDNet’s Ron Kruck, Ken made it seem like the two will definitely fight in the near future:

“Well first of all it’s the first time that it’s been done in any sport that brother has versed brother,” said Shamrock. “It’s not a bad thing. Me and my brother did this for a living. I brought my brother into the sport. I’ve always dominated my brother, he knows that. Now he wants a chance in front of the world since I may have gotten a little older and a little slower. He thinks that he wants to come in and show everyone that he’s the big brother but you know what, blood brothers man. We’re going to make that happen. It’s not a dirty thing, we don’t hate each other. The fact is I respect what he’s done with myself and I’m looking forward to getting in there and doing a little sibling rivalry in the ring.”

Shamrock also went on to say that they didn’t have a date and location for the fight as of yet but that options were open.

So it’s not exactly the best fight but it’s a fight that I’m sure everyone wants to see and will have interest in even though both fighters are no longer in the prime of their careers.

I can’t really pick a favorite now. It’s one of those fights that I would have to sit down and think about. I will point out the two major advantages that they have on each other - Ken is stronger; Frank is faster. As far as what weight class this fight might take place at, I’m not sure. 205 lbs seems to be the most likely scenario although a catch weight at 190 would also be feasible, at least for Frank.


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