“Shamrock vs Le” Fighter Salaries

Frank Shamrock and Cung Le pose at a press conference for Elite Xtreme Combat and Strikeforce co-promoted “Shamrock vs Cung Le”. Photo by Jon Swenson.

The California State Athletic Commission has released the official list of fighter salaries stemming from this past weekend’s Elite Xtreme Combat and Strikeforce co-promoted “Shamrock vs Cung Le” show, which took place at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

The event featured a total of nine fights and was highlighted by a main event showdown between Former UFC middleweight champion Frank Shamrock and undefeated former Sanshou kickboxer Cung Le. Le defeated Shamrock by TKO after Shamrock broke his left arm at the end of the fourth round.

Remember that this is only the base salary that a fighter received. Bonuses, deductions, and other undisclosed fees are not included.

Cung Le ($200,000) def. Frank Shamrock ($300,000)
Gilbert Melendez ($50,000) def. Gabe Lemley ($7,000)
Drew Fickett ($10,000) def. Jae Suk Lim ($3,000)
Wayne Cole ($10,000) def. Mike Kyle ($10,000)
Joey Villasenor ($36,000) def. Ryan Jensen ($6,000)
Tiki Ghosn ($8,000) def. Luke Stewart ($6,000)
Billy Evangelista ($10,000) def Marlon Sims ($2,500)
Darren Uyenoyama ($4,000) def. Anthony Figueroa ($2,000)
Jesse Jones ($2,150) def. Jesse Gillespie ($1,200)


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