Shamrock Plans to Revert Back to Old Form

Ken Shamrock. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

Despite losing his last five fights and being unable to earn a victory in the last four years, Ken Shamrock believes that his upcoming fight against Kimbo Slice on October 4 is a chance to show a national television audience that he still has what it takes to be competitive in the world of mixed martial arts.

On a teleconference Thursday afternoon, Shamrock apologized for his recent losing streak, but promised that he plans to show the critics that he has learned from his defeats and has enough in the tank to knock off EliteXC’s fastest-rising star.

“I’m gonna apologize, right here and now, for my last couple performances in MMA,” Shamrock said. “I have my reasons but they are just excuses. I’ll tell you this though - on October 4, I will shut everybody up and make amends for those fights by putting Kimbo’s lights out.”

“Everybody has the right to be saying the things they are saying right now. Can I get in the ring? Should I get in the ring? Do I deserve to be in the ring? The only person that can answer those questions is myself and I guarantee that I will give an answer against Kimbo. I guarantee that I’m going to answer that question and a put a period at the end of it.”

Slice, who was relatively quiet throughout the course of the call, stated that he was honored to be fighting a legend such as Shamrock but didn’t like his opponent’s chances too much.

“I grew up watching Ken. He’s a damn great fighter and he’s a Hall of Famer,” Slice said. “I’m honored that I’m getting to fight a guy like Ken. To beat him, that’s bragging rights. I don’t care if I lose any other fight. If I beat Ken’s ass, I’m good.”

“I just hope that Ken is training his ass off and that he’s coming to fight, because I’m coming to win. The way me and my camp train, losing is not an option. So he’s going to have to really be ‘Superman’ if he wants to beat me.”

When comparing Shamrock’s experience to the amount of fights that Slice has partaken in, one would think that Shamrock would easily run away with a victory. However fans and media alike have penciled Slice in as the favorite going into the anticipated matchup.

It’s something that Shamrock has taken offense to, claiming that he realized that he’s being served up to Slice as a “stepping stone” in this fight.

“This is exactly what this is,” Shamrock said on the situation. “I’m taking this as an insult and I’m going to smash it back in their face.”

Shamrock’s anger grew once EliteXC Director of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen went to give his take on things.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s serving it up or this and that,” Shamrock said. “You know me better than anyone Jeremy… I will find something to piss me off and I’m going to use this.”

An angry Shamrock doesn’t seem to be anything that will affect Slice. According to him, things are going to stay exactly the way the are going into their showdown at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida next month.

“I never predict what’s going to happen in a fight,” Slice said. “All I’ll say is that we’re going to keep the streaks the way they are - I’m going to stay on mine streak and he’s going to stay on his.”


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