Shamrock, Abbott to Headline WarGods and KSP Event on February 13

David “Tank” Abbott. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

FRESNO –  WarGods and Ken Shamrock Productions (KSP) are hosting a spectacular MMA event Feb 13th at the Fresno Arena – The Valentine’s Eve Massacre.  The event will be the first of a string of shows being set up in 2009 between the two promotions and featuring fights long overdue.

One of these will possibly include a match up in the final stages of negotiations between Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott slated for the end of April in Reno, Nevada.  Their rivalry dates back years, it is well publicized and a fight between the two was only a matter of time.  Ken Shamrock said it best “There are a lot of fans that have followed this for years, die hard fans, who want to see this and reminisce a little bit.”  Wargods and KSP are making 2009 the year of the legends.

Due to unforeseen injuries changes have been made to the Feb 13th card - Ken Shamrock’s original opponent has been changed to Ross Clifton.  The David and Goliath match up will be interesting to say the least and Ken’s son Ryan Shamrock will not be able to compete, but will be back on the next card.

The fight card as it stands today:

HW:  Ken Shamrock vs Ross Clifton
HW:  Tank Abbott vs Mike Bourke
185:  Kyacey Uscola vs BJ Lacy
185:  Mike Moreno vs Gary Padilla
HW:  Buddy Roberts vs Wesley “Cabbage” Correira
155:  Ashe Bowman vs Isaac De Jesus
185:  Rick Reeves vs Nathan James
125:  Jennifer Tate vs Jen Babcock
145:  Tonya Evinger vs TBA
115:  Zoila Frausto vs Karina Halliman
170:  Darrin Freeman vs Tony Johnson
205:  Josh Haynes vs Rafeal Del Rio


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