Serra Ready to Enter Hostile Territory

Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Matt Serra did it once and he’ll attempt to do it again.

One year removed from the last time he shocked the world by upsetting Georges St. Pierre and becoming the first alumnus of “The Ultimate Fighter” to win a title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Serra will face St. Pierre for the second time in his first title defense after coming back from injury.

However Serra’s chance to quiet those who claim his previous win over St. Pierre was a fluke will come in a different arena this time, St. Pierre’s hometown of Montreal.

“I don’t expect to get cheered walking to the Octagon. It’s fine,” Serra said during a recent conference call with the media. “I think I’m finally going to feel what Tim Sylvia feels everytime he goes anywhere to fight. People say this is going to be like Rocky IV and I’d say it’s kind of like that. I’m into movies like that but at the end of the day it’s me and Georges in the cage and no one else.”

The reaction Serra will likely receive upon entering the Bell Centre was actually his own doing.

The Long Island native referred to St. Pierre as “Frenchy” in reaction to St. Pierre giving reasons as to why he lost to Serra the first time around. It was a term that St. Pierre has since said isn’t something that should be said towards natives of Quebec.

“I really don’t think Georges is very strong mentally,” Serra said. “We’ve seen that in the past. If he needs to make me out to be the bad guy or the enemy to get himself pumped for the fight then so be it. I could care less if he’s French or Greek or anything. I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass.”

As far as the fight goes, Serra is still fighting an up-hill battle despite going into the fight as the welterweight champion. (St. Pierre grabbed the interim belt by defeating Matt Hughes while Serra was out of action with a back injury.) The odds-makers yet again have him as a heavy underdog going into Saturday’s nights proceedings.

Even though Serra believes that he has St. Pierre’s number and presents a style that does not match-up very well with the Canadian, he still realizes the skill-set that St. Pierre brings to the table is extremely dangerous.

“I have to be prepared and dangerous on all fronts against a fighter like Georges,” Serra said. “He’s well-rounded and dangerous in every area so I have to be prepared for anything and I feel that I’ve been doing so in my training. I’m always improving and I feel like that I can take what I’ve learned and practiced in my training and bring it into the fight.”

Traditionally-speaking, the opponents of an angry and determined St. Pierre haven’t fared very well going into a fight against him. However Serra maintains that he’ll have shocked the world twice after their showdown Saturday night. Can “The Terror” hand St. Pierre and his fans another nightmare?


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