Sengoku “Tenth Battle” Live Results

Antonio Silva and Jim York. Photo courtesy of World Victory Road.

We will be going live at 3:00 PM ET with live results of this morning’s “Sengoku Tenth Battle” event, which will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The show will air live on HDNet for those in North America.

2004 Olympic judo silver medalist Hiroshi Izumi will meet New Zealand kickboxer Antz Nansen in the professional debut for both fighters in the fight card’s main event. Additional bouts slated to take place include a heavyweight matchup pitting former EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva against Jim York and a welterweight bout involving Nick Thompson and Dan Hornbuckle.

Preliminary Results:

So Jee Hyun def. Ryosuke Komori - Unanimous Decision
Shigeki Osawa def. Kim Ki Hyun - Unanimous Decision
Ikuo Usuda def. Baek Woo Hyun - TKO (Strikes), R1

Main Card:

Maximo Blanco vs. Tetsuya Yamada

Round 1: Yamada tries a jumping knee to start things off but Blanco shoves him down. They scramble and Yamada immediately takes Blanco’s back and works for the choke. He holds them there for a few moments before they scramble again. Blanco ends up on top and rains down some hard punches until Yamada pulls a tight guard. Yamada uses the rubber guard to control Blanco but the referee opts to stand them up. Yamada tries a spinning kick and falls to the canvas. Blanco ducks under the kick and goes down with him. Yamada tries for a heel hook but Blanco escapes and waits for Yamada to stand. Blanco throws some punches until Yamada pulls him down to the guard. Yamada attempts an armbar but Blanco escapes before the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Yamada.

Round 2: Yamada once again pulls guard to start the second round. Blanco works some ground and pound while Yamada continues to work for submissions. Yamada’s nose is a bloody mess courtesy of some hard punches from Blanco. Yamada tries for an armbar but Blanco muscles out of it. Yamada turtles into the corner while Blanco punches away at Yamada’s midsection. Yamada just looks at the referee, who moves in and stops the bout.

Winner: Maximo Blanco - TKO (Strikes)

Joe Doerksen vs. Takenori Sato

Round 1: Both fighters pump away with the jab and measure the distance to start the bout. They exchange body kicks that land. Doerksen drops Sato with a right hand and pounces on him. Doerksen pounds away with punches and hammer fists but Sato is able to recover. Sato picks Doerksen up and slams him down but Doerksen winds up on top and continues to punch away. They scramble and Sato winds up on top. Doerksen works for a triangle. Sato picks him up and tries for a slam but ends up softly placing Doerksen on the mat. They scramble again and Doerksen gets on top, working for a kimura. Sato escapes from the hold and gives Doerksen his back. Doerksen punches from behind while the two stand up.

Doerksen muscles Sato to the canvas and takes his back for a moment but can’t sink in a choke. Sato reverses him and lands on top. Doerksen pulls guard and Sato lands some punches. They stand back up and Doerksen flurries before tripping Sato to the mat. They scramble and Doerksen takes Sato’s back. He punches away from behind for a few moments. The two stand up once again and Sato drops down with a guillotine but Doerksen survives until the end of the very entertaining round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Doerksen.

Round 2: Doerksen throws some knees and punches to begin round two. Sato tries a high kick. Doerksen connects with a body kick. Sato tries for a takedown but Doerksen initially stuffs it before being put on his back. Sato transitions to side control. Doerksen pushes Sato away with his feet and stands up. Doerksen lands a right and a leg kick. Doerksen connects with a right-left combo. Sato scores a takedown but Doerksen gets to his knees and puts Sato on his back. Sato locks in a guillotine and is able to hold it for quite a while but Doerksen eventually gets out without a problem. Doerksen mounts Sato but Sato is able to reverse him and lands in Doerksen’s guard. Doerksen tries to get up to his feet but instead opts to put Sato on his back. Doerksen actually mounts Sato but the referee decides to stand them up. Doerksen flurries away and drops Sato again with a knee. He pounces on Sato and finishes him off with a series of unanswered punches. Impressive win for Doerksen.

Winner: Joe Doerksen - TKO (Punches)

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Nick Thompson

Round 1: Hornbuckle tries a left high kick right from the start, but Thompson is able to block it. Hornbuckles tries for a takedown but Thompson fights to keep his balance. Hornbuckle eventually picks Thompson up high and slams him down. Thompson ends up on top and grabs ahold of Hornbuckle’s arm. He works for a kimura and then a straight armbar but Hornbuckle escapes and takes Thompson’s back. Hornbuckle locks in the rear-naked choke but Thompson is able to get out of it. They scramble and Hornbuckle winds up in the top position. Hornbuckle stands and waits for the referee to force Thompson up.

Hornbuckle throws a left-right combo. Hornbuckle lands a right and Thompson responds with some body shots. Hornbuckle snaps Thompson’s head back with a pair of jabs and follows with a right that lands as well. Thompson returns fire with a combination of his own. Hornbuckle lands a hard leg kick and tries a jumping knee to the midsection. They clinch in the corner until the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Hornbuckle.

Round 2: Thompson throws a flurry to start the second round. Hornbuckle comes inside and eats another flurry. Hornbuckle lands a body kick. Thompson lands a leg kick and Hornbuckle counters with a right hand. The referee pauses the fight to check a cut above Thompson’s right eye. He’s allowed to continue. Hornbuckle tries a leg kick but Thompson gets there first with a left hand. They exchange right hands. Hornbuckle hurts Thompson with a jab and a right hand. He chases him into the corner and drops Thompson with another punch. Hornbuckle follows up with a knee that lands flush to Thompson’s chin and the referee is right there to wave off the fight.

Winner: Dan Hornbuckle - TKO (Strikes)

Ryo Kawamura vs. Fabio Silva

Round 1: After a feeling-out period, Silva connects with a left and a right that prompts Kawamura to clinch and muscle Silva against the ropes. Kawamura tries some foot stomps. Silva lands a leg kick and a right hand. Silva gets the Muay Thai plumb and throws some knees. They clinch against the ropes and Silva scores a takedown. Kawamura rolls to his back and stands. They clinch along the ropes once again until Silva separates them with some punches. Silva drops Kawamura with a flurry. Kawamura gets back to his feet but Silva puts him down once again. Silva follows up with a few more shots and Kawamura’s corner throws in the towel. Kawamura stays down on the mat for several moments but is eventually helped from the ring.

Winner: Fabio Silva - TKO (Corner Stoppage)

Ryan Schultz vs. Kazunori Yokota

Round 1: The two exchange leg kicks to start the fight. Yokota lands a front push kick. Schultz with another leg kick. Schultz misses with an overhand right and Yokota oddly launches himself into the corner in order to avoid it. Schultz tries a few more overhand rights. Schultz moves in and shoots for a takedown. He gets it but the referee immediately pauses the bout and warns Schultz for grabbing the ropes. The fight is restarted on the feet. Yokota cracks Schultz with a right hand and hits him with a left on his way down. Schultz is already asleep and his head bounces hard off the canvas. Yokota jumps on Schultz and lands a few hammerfists before the referee can intervene. Schultz stays down for a couple minutes but eventually wakes up and is tended to by ringside officials.

Winner: Kazunori Yokota - KO (Punches)

Jae Sun Lee vs. Makoto Takimoto

Round 1: Takimoto blocks a Lee head kick and trips his opponent to the mat to begin the first round. Takimoto gets on top of Lee, who pulls half-guard. Takimoto works some ground and pound until Lee sweeps Takimoto and attempts to get back to his feet, only to get caught in a guillotine. Lee fights the hold and is able to escape. He controls Takimoto from the top position, working some ground and pound of his own. Lee is able to mount Takimoto, who rolls to his back. Lee works for the rear-naked choke. Takimoto defends well and then eventually rolls to his back. They scramble and stand. Takimoto puts Lee down with a judo throw just before the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Lee.

Round 2: Both fighters are content to stand to start the second round. They paw away with jabs and short shots but nothing of note is landing. Lee attempts an overhand right and misses. Takimoto then scores a takedown. Lee sweeps Takimoto and winds up on top. Lee immediately mounts Takimoto but is bucked off, only to land on top once again anyway. Lee switches to side control and lands some knees to the side of Takimoto. Takimoto eventually gets back to his feet and scores a takedown of his own. They scramble and Takimoto gets Lee on his knees and blasts away with knees to the side of Lee’s face. Somehow Lee ends up surviving the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Takimoto.

Round 3: They clinch right away to start the third and final round and Takimoto judo throws Lee to the canvas. Takimoto gets on top and lands some shots to the body. They scramble but Takimoto maintains top position. Takimoto moves to half-guard and scores with some ground and pound. The referee eventually stands the fighters up due to a lack of action. Lee scores with a combination, prompting Takimoto to take the fight to the floor. The remainder of the round sees Takimoto punch away at a fatigued Lee. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Takimoto and the fight 29-28 for Takimoto. The ringside judges give scores of 30-28 and 30-29 for Takimoto as well as a 30-30 draw.

Winner: Makoto Takimoto - Unanimous Decision

Antonio Silva vs. Jim York

Round 1: York lands a leg kick to start things off. York misses with a left hook. Silva responds with a snapping leg kick. York misses wide once again with a wild hook. Silva lands a body kick and York lands another leg hook. They clinch in the corner and Silva takes York down. York locks in a guillotine but Silva stays patient and escapes, forcing York through the ropes in the process. The fight is paused and restarted on the feet. Silva tries a high kick. York lands a stiff jab. They exchange long jabs and Silva catches York with a left hand. They clinch against the ropes and York pounds away at the side and back of Silva’s head. Silva scores another takedown but the two get tangled up in the ropes. The referee literally slides the fighters away from the ropes and the fight continues. Silva rains down some hard hammerfists. Silva locks in an arm-triangle choke, sliding his body all the way to the left for full pressure. York quickly taps.

Winner: Antonio Silva - Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)

Hiroshi Izumi vs. Antz Nansen

Round 1: Nansen blasts Izumi with a combination just seconds after the bell sounds to start the fight. They continue to exchange back and forth and Izumi forces Nansen against the ropes with a combination. Izumi narrowly misses Nansen with a couple of diving overhand rights. Nansen tries an overhand right of his own. Izumi rocks Nansen with another right hand. Izumi’s right eye is beginning to swell up. They measure each other up and Nansen lands a body kick. Izumi catches Nansen with a straight left. They clinch in the corner before separating. Nansen hurts Izumi with a right hand. He stalks Izumi but Izumi continues to respond with punches of his own. Nansen drops Izumi with a right hand. Izumi stands back up but Nansen drops him again with a left hook. Nansen continues to pound away at Izumi while he attempts to get back to his feet. Izumi tries to take Nansen’s back at one point but Nansen shakes him off. They stand and Nansen drops Izumi with one last combination that puts him down for good. The referee quickly stops the fight.

Winner: Antz Nansen - TKO (Punches)


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