Sean Sherk: From Floor Cleaner to World Champion

The Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages has posted an excellent article titled “The Ballad of the Muscle Shark”. The article documents the career of UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk who went from outcast to champion.

Sherk was left with a dilemma. He could bide his time with Cox and hope to eventually get a title fight. Or he could drop his manager and take his shot at the belt. Ultimately, his desire to fight Hughes won out.

“It was really disappointing,” Cox says. “He was the first fighter that I had managed that ever left. I traveled all over the world with Sean.”

Sean Sherk has been on the shelf for the past 9 months after he underwent surgery to mend his torn rotator cuff. Sherk’s first title defense will come July 7th at UFC 73: Stacked when he steps into the octagon with Hermes Franca.

On a recent Tuesday morning at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Sherk spars for the first time in nearly six months. He’s 11 weeks out from the fight and ramping into full training mode. Over the next 10 days, he’ll shed 25 pounds, a trial run for the July weigh-in. The goal is to get his body acclimated to 155 pounds. “You’ve got to get used to it so your body’s not going to go into shock,” Sherk explains.

The first 20 pounds he’ll shed through dieting and hard work. The final five he’ll sweat off in the sauna. After the July weigh-in, he’ll have 30 hours to rebuild his strength. By the time the bout begins, he’ll be back up to 175 pounds.


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