Schilt Defeats Hunt at K-1 World Grand Prix

Mark Hunt throws a left hand at Semmy Schilt. Photo courtesy of FEG.

The 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix ended with a bang as defending champion Semmy Schilt put opponent Mark Hunt down for the count in the night’s main event in front of 10,629 at Japan’s Yokohama Arena.

Hunt, who was fighting in his first kickboxing match since taking a five-year hiatus to focus on mixed martial arts, traded leg kicks early and often with Schilt. However the strategy eventually worked against Hunt. His movement around the ring was inhibited due to sustained damage suffered courtesy of Schilt’s long legs.

After knocking the wind out of Hunt with a knee, Schilt pressed forward and ultimately sent Hunt down for good with a David Loiseau-like spinning back kick.

“We practiced the spinning back kick in training,” Schilt said in a post-fight interview. “But I didn’t know it would work out so well. I’m glad I won because he was also a GP Champion, so now I have beaten all the active K-1 Champs.”

Complete results from the event are after the jump.

Semmy Schilt def. Mark Hunt - KO
Ewerton Teixeira def. Yusuke Fujimoto - KO
Musashi def. Junichi Sawayashiki - KO
Glaube Feitosa def. Alex Roberts - KO
Mighty Mo def. Keijiro Maeda - Decision
Petr Vondracek def. Mitsugu Noda - KO
Chalid def. Aleksandr Pichkunov - Decision
Takashi Tachikawa def. Hiroyuki Enokida - KO
Tsuyoshi Nakasako def. Takumi Sato - KO
Kyoung Suk Kim def. Tsutomu Takahagi - KO


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