Sapp Implicated in BALCO Steroids Ring

From tkduffy22 on Flickr.

Fresh off of a brutal loss to fellow kickboxer Jan Nortje last month in his home state of Washington, things aren’t getting much better for former NFL lineman and K-1 star Bob Sapp.

The Japanese legend is reportedly connected to the same BALCO steroids rings that has tarnished the legacy of home run king Barry Bonds. The news comes from an AP report published today:

Novitzky said 30 athletes were called to testify before the grand jury in 2003. Novitzky didn’t identify any of the athletes, but testified there was “some evidence” that professional wrestler Bob Sapp — who briefly played in the NFL — bought steroids from chemist Patrick Arnold.

Arnold is also said to have created the unique designer steroids that Bonds took before breaking Major League Baseball’s home run record last year.

Unlike Bonds, Sapp was not called to testify under a grand jury last year, so he shouldn’t be seeing much trouble other than the rest of the world now knowing that his massive size wasn’t all natural. Not much of a surprise in my opinion.

I’m not so sure Sapp used steroids to get bigger as much as he did to maintain his weight. He has visibly gotten smaller in recent years.

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