Ryan Gracie Arrested, Then Found Dead

An accomplished member of the renowned Gracie family, Ryan Gracie was found dead today in his jail cell after being arrested on car theft charges yesterday.  According to the G1 news site via GracieMag.

Ryan was sent to the 91st PD, after having toxicology exams done at the central IML at around 2:30 am. He arrived at the police station in Vila Leopoldina at 3 am. According to the officer on call of the 15th Police District police officer Daniella Ranna, where the athlete’s case was registered for having tried to steal a motorcycle, he was sent to the 91st DP because it is a traffic station. From there, he would have been seen to the “most recommendable” location.

According to the Secretariat, at around 7am, when policemen at the station were checking the cells with their detainees, they found the fighter fallen in a corner. They entered and confirmed that he was dead. At around 10 am, coroners were already at the location to do the necessary exams and send the body to the institute.

Ryan Gracie was the veteran of 7 MMA fights, all in Pride.  He had a 5-2 record with his only decisive loss being to the Gracie Hunter, Kaz Sakuraba.  He last fought at Pride’s Shockwave 2004, defeating Yoji Anjo by Armbar.  Ryan was the grandson of Carlos Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, , the son of Robson Gracie, and the brother of BJJ/MMA stars Renzo and Ralph Gracie.  He was always known to be a bit wild, having honed his fighting skills on the streets of Brazil as well as in the gyms of his family.

We will update this breaking story as more information becomes available.


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