Royce Gracie, Gary Shaw Talk Dynamite!! USA

Today Pro Elite and FEG held a national media conference call promoting their upcoming show “Dynamite!! USA” which is scheduled for June 2nd at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Present for the conference call was Kevin Burke, Gary Shaw, Monica Petty, and Royce Gracie.

Summary of the conference:

  • The event will feature 11 to 12 fights and it will begin at 6 PM PST with the Showtime telecast airing Gina Carano vs. Jan Finney, Jake Sheilds vs. Ido Pariante and Antonio Silva vs. TBA.
  • Immediately following the Showtime telecast FEG and Pro Elite will begin the pay-per-view which will feature the 6 fights.
  • Beginning Monday, May 14th at 8 PM EST Showtime will be televising a four part series dubbed “Countdown to Dynamite”.
  • Gary Shaw stated he was proud to be hosting his first Showtime MMA pay-per-view and he is honored to be working with the Gracie family for the second show in a row.
  • MMA legend Royce Gracie joined the call and began fielding questions from the media.
  • He stated he didn’t feel this was a grudge match and he is just looking at Sakuraba as another opponent with different rules.
  • He doesn’t expect the round length to have much effect on him because he has been training for the 5 minute rounds because of his recent match with former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes.
  • When asked what his mindset was coming into the fight, Royce said, “I fought in Japan with a crowd of 92,000 people, so the crowd does not really bother me. It does not matter if it is 1,000 or 90,000 people. I am only going to listen to my corner – my father, my brothers, my cousins. So it is select hearing. But pressure? I do not put myself under the pressure of having to come back from a loss. I understand losing, winning. If I lose, something went wrong so I go home and I figure out what happened. I know how to deal with pressure. I do not feel that I have to avenge my loss to Sakuraba. Every fight is different. Every approach is different. Every approach has its own strategy. ”
  • Royce said he felt he had a few years of fighting left in him. He said his body is still in good condition because he is always training and he doesn’t smoke, drink, etc.
  • When asked if FEG/Pro Elite tried to get Josh Barnett on the show, Gary Shaw said, “We were trying to get the very, very best fighters we could for this show and we did contact a lot of different fighters, both through my matchmakers and through the FEG portion.”
  • They said Sakuraba was the only opponent proposed for Gracie and when asked if there was a backup plan in place if Saku couldn’t pass his medical exam Gary Shaw said “Very good question. No, not at this time. We do not have a second opponent lined up. I think that is bad karma for me and the way I deal in business. Hopefully, everybody we have is in top shape and is medically cleared to fight. Obviously, everybody knows my reputation. I would never put anybody in that is not medically cleared or has any injury. As of right now, I am told that he is in excellent health and there is no problem and he will clear the medical. So the direct answer: there is no contingency plan at this moment. ”
  • When asked about the first fight Royce said, “That fight was in a tournament. We were fighting no time limit, 15-minute rounds with two minute rests. We had to fight right after. Whoever wins would go on to fight again in the tournament one or two more times. So it was three fights in the same night. It got to the point that I think he thought the same thing: Forget the next fight. We have got to finish this one. We were both so exhausted. But he kicked me on the shin. There was a partial tear on the tendon, a crack on the shin. (After) six rounds, I sat down and told my brother and my father, ‘I can get up, but I cannot walk. There is no way I can walk. What should I do?’ They told me, ‘You cannot confuse being tough with being stupid. You have already proven to us you are tough by fighting six rounds for 15 minutes. To continue on would be (a stupid thing to do). If you cannot walk, you cannot walk. Let us throw the towel.'”
  • They are on par to break then attendance record of 19,000 people. Shaw said he’d love to have 70,000 people but he would be thrilled if they could attract 35-40,000.
  • When asked how/if his BJJ was evolving Royce stated he is always training and working his BJJ. 6 months out of the year is spent teaching classes and seminars around the world. He also mentioned that his brother Royler is always helping him out.
  • Antonio Silva still doesn’t have an opponent but they hope to have that fixed by tomorrow.
  • Shaw said he couldn’t speak on behalf of FEG but EliteXC has interest in signing Brock Lesnar long-term.
  • Royce said his team for this fight will consist of Royler, Rodrigo, and his father Helio. Same team, new strategy.
  • Said losing to Matt Hughes was different then losing to Sakuraba. He didn’t feel he showed up for the fight with Hughes and he fought a war with Saku.
  • Shaw stated that the only way to grow the sport is joining forces so the belts have an actual meaning instead of it all being localized to certain organizations.
  • Royce is fighting on a single fight deal with K-1.
  • Royce closed out the conference call by saying, "Seems people are worried about whether the tickets will sell. If they do or not, there is going to be a show. If it rains that day, somebody will take a hit on June 2. Even if the entire show gets canceled because of rain, snow in Los Angeles, I am going to drive downtown later and I am going to hit somebody in the face on June 2. I have been training for awhile. This is a fight that is going to happen."


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