Ribeiro Awakes From Coma, Doing Well

Will Ribeiro. Photo property of World Extreme Cagefighting.

Ready for some awesome news? WEC bantamweight contender Will Ribeiro has reportedly awoken from an induced coma and is recovering well after being hospitalized since December following a tragic motorcycle accident in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

According to Tatame.com, Luiz Alves, Ribeiro’s Muay Thai coach, recently visited him in the hospital and was surprised to see that Ribeiro was able to talk to him and is currently under going therapy after doctors stated he had a 50-50 chance to live due to his injuries suffered in the accident.

Almost two months after the serious accident that almost cost his life, Luiz Alves, his Muay Thai trainer, commemorates the excellent recovery of the WEC fighter.

“I had visited him at Christmas and then in January, but I left very sad and swore I wouldn’t return there anymore. He was swollen, very thin… But I was there yesterday and left very happy, because he spoke with me, remember everything that happened, kissed me”, revealed Luiz. “He is already in the ward, it’s better because he can watch TV now, he’s doing physiotherapy, is eating well and is excited”.

Things were looking pretty grim for Ribeiro for a while, but it’s great to hear that he’s doing a lot better. Fighting is obviously the last thing on his plate at the moment, but hopefully a full recovery will be possible.


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