Report: “UFC Primetime” Draws Over 1.4 Million Viewers for Spike

The UFC hyped up their new “Primetime” show, which is chronicling the preparation Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn are going through for their UFC welterweight title showdown at UFC 94 in two weeks, as their best “countdown-type” show yet.

Apparently the viewers agree according to MMA Payout: has learned that the premiere of UFC Primetime last night on Spike drew a combined total of 1,494,000 viewers in 10PM EST time slot. The 10PM debut drew 880,000 viewers with 614,000 viewers for the replay that followed immediately at 10:30PM.

For some perspective, the highest rated Countdown special of last year drew 782,000 viewers for its debut.

Last night’s show was very well done for being edited the day of it airing. I didn’t necessarily agree with Dana White’s concern over B.J. Penn’s decision to take five days off from training in order to peak on January 31 (it seemed like forced drama to me), but it didn’t take away from the show, which was as a whole, was great.

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