Report: UFC 83 No Longer in England

The O2 arena sits on the banks of the Greenwich Peninsula. The arena hosted UFC 75: Champion vs Champion in September 2007.

It seems that UFC 83 may now be taking place in the United States instead of overseas in England.

The news comes from Steve Sievert of The Houston Chronicle who has learned that the plans to hold the show in either Manchester or London have been cancelled and that UFC officials are now hoping to have the event take place here in the US.

The event is currently rumored to include Michael Bisping making his debut at middleweight against Charles McCarthy and a light heavyweight matchup between heavy-handed strikers Houston Alexander and James Irvin.

It seems that the March 8th date will still remain in place even though UFC 82: Pride of a Champion is scheduled to take place only six days earlier.

Touch of gloves to our friends at MMA Junkie for the find.

Update 11:00 AM: Fightlinker sets the story straight and kicks all of our asses in the process:

Okay, I’ve done a bit of responsible journalism and investigated the situation with the UFC UK event in March. It turns out that it was never the plan to hold an event in London on March 8th. The original plan was to hold a UK event in Liverpool sometime in March, but the arena they were looking to use wasn’t ready. Since then the plan has been a big April show in Manchester.

So long story short, the UK event isn’t turning into a US show, it’s just changing dates. I hope all you other MMA news sites appreciate all the effort it took writing six people who know what they’re talking about to ask them wassup.



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