Report: Traces of Illegal Substances Found in Over-the-Counter Supplements

We may have found our answer as to why so many athletes are testing positive for banned substances in the state of California…

A report put out by USA Today last night suggests that supplements available over the counter may include small amounts of steroids and illegal stimulants according to a study done by scientists from the U.K.:

Officials from Informed-Choice and HFL declined to reveal which supplements were tested or where they were purchased, but Hall said some of best-selling brands were randomly selected, mostly from mall-based stores.

Of the 10 categories of supplements tested, testosterone boosters were flagged the most often. Six of the nine boosters contained androstenedione, a steroid precursor used by Mark McGwire en route to setting the single-season home run mark in 1998. Andro was made illegal nearly three years ago.

This is pretty alarming to me considering that I used to take a handful of supplements to help put on weight before basketball season in high school. Who knew that I might have had illegal substances in my system?

In terms of the MMA world, could this be the answer to the alleged drug problem many claim has struck the sport? If Sean Sherk is truly innocent, does this study only help his case against the California State Athletic Commission even more? Is this the reason why so many athletes have tested positive for banned substances over the last year?

Another question that boggles my mind - Why are so many more athletes testing positive in California than Nevada? Is California testing for something that Nevada isn’t or is Nevada already aware of these findings and only reports violators having extremely high levels in their system?

There’s so many questions and very little answers…


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