Leben Declines Swick Fight; Goulet Now in the Picture

MMA Weekly is reporting that Mike Swick may now take on Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 11 in September. The news comes after Swick announced that Chris Leben has pulled out of their scheduled fight via his latest blog on MySpace:

Chris Leben said something about moving down to 170 and the UFC thought it would be a great time to have us fight. I was offered the fight and we accepted it immediately. We even told the UFC that we can do it at whatever weight class; I will give up weight if I have to get it done. So they were going to make our fight the Main Event of Ultimate Fight Night 11 on Spike TV on September 19th. Spike was excited about the fight, the UFC was excited about the fight, the fans were excited about the fight, and most of all, we were excited about the fight. Apparently Leben and his camp wasn’t. After almost a week of waiting for an answer he declined the fight at any weight class.

Swick then went on to talk about Goulet, who created a thread in MMA Weekly’s forums yesterday, stating that Swick refused to fight him:

“Wanted to fight Mike Swick to replace Leben at 170 for the UFC Fight Night in September, but he refused. Is he scared to go to sleep against me? I will beat his ass. I want him.”

Swick caught wind of Goulet’s comments and informed MMA Weekly that he was never offered to fight Goulet, so it would have been impossible to turn him down as an opponent. Swick also stated that he would like to fight Goulet and that a contract has already been sent out in the mail for him to sign.

Since the other opponents we were trying to get an agreement with fell through, why not fight Goulet? I mean he is a good fighter and at least has some juevos. So Jonathan Goulet, let’s see if you can back up all that tough talk. Contract is in the mail, just sign the dotted line and let’s give these fans what they…well, get for free on Spike TV!


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