Report: Sims-Thomas Off TUF 5 Finale; Banned from UFC

Steve Sievert of The Houston Chronicle is reporting that contrary to a press release Spike TV sent out about Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas fighting on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 5 on June 23, the two will not be fighting on the card. In fact, they will never fight in the UFC according to a recent interview Sievert had with UFC President Dana White.

“They’re not fighting on the finale,” said UFC President Dana White. “Not only are they not fighting in the finale, they’ll never fight in the UFC. Spike wanted that fight. It ain’t gonna happen. No fucking way is that fight going to happen. Those guys will never fight in the UFC…ever.”

Sims and Thomas seem to be the newest members of a group of fighters blacklisted by the UFC after doing wrong on the reality show:

Eli Joslin - quit TUF 2 after “not being able to handle the camera environment around the house”
Kenny Stevens - failed to make weight for first fight on TUF 2
Noah Inhofer - quit TUF 3 after receiving a letter from his girlfriend claiming that she thinks he has cheated on her
Gabe Ruediger - no explanation necessary

White told Sievert that the press release sent out by Spike TV on May 29th should have never went out and that it was a complete mistake:

“Mistakes happen. I didn’t find out about it until yesterday. We make mistakes over here ... it’s unfortunate.”


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