Report: Shawn Bias Fighting for Life in Coma

Photo courtesy of Palace Fighting Championship

Former PFC featherweight champion Shawn Bias has suffered a massive heart attack and has been in a coma since early Sunday morning according to officials at Oroville General Hospital in Sacramento, California.

Sherdog’s Greg Savage reports that doctors have given Bias a 30% chance of living.

The 22-year-old suffered the heart attack just two days after losing his title to Art Arciniega after being submitted with a triangle choke at PFC 6: No Retreat, No Surrender last week and then lapsed into a coma the next day.

Doctors have also diagnosed Bias with kidney failure and he has been placed on dialysis, which will serve as an artifical replacement for Bias’ kidneys. Bias suffered very little damage during the fight, however those close to Bias stated that he was ill days before the fight but refused to pull out of the bout.

All of us here at MMA on Tap would like to send our thoughts and prayers to Bias and his family and friends during this tough time.

Update 1/21 12:03 PM: Sherdog’s Josh Gross has found that Bias was tasered and beaten before being arrested by Oroville police late Saturday evening, thus causing his heart attack and liver failure:

George Adkins, a training partner and close friend of Bias, told that Bias was fighting for his life because Oroville Police Department officers Tasered Bias up to five times and struck him repeatedly with batons.

According to Adkins, who cited police, eyewitness and medical personnel accounts, Bias knocked on the door to the wrong party Saturday evening. Though Adkins said he didn’t know why, police were called to the scene. After finding his intended destination (another apartment in the complex) Bias purportedly went outside to apologize to officers who arrived on scene.

“Shawn allegedly took off running,” said Adkins, who acknowledged that he did not know of anyone who witnessed the incident from its inception. “They ended up getting him, and we don’t know exactly how or why he ended up being Tasered several times and struck several times.”


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