Report: PRIDE Purchase Completed

Sherdog is reporting that via two different sources, the purchase of PRIDE by Zuffa has been completed. This goes against earlier reports from a few weeks back that said the sale was not going to happen after Jamie Pollack, the future president of PRIDE quickly came back to Las Vegas after moving him and his family over to Tokyo.

On March 27, Station Casinos Vice Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC President Dana White announced in a Tokyo press conference that the sale of the PRIDE Fighting Championships to Zuffa had been agreed upon, and that the deal would be consummated on May 1.

Yet three weeks after the consummation date, the deal was slow to close, as Zuffa attorneys did their due diligence on PRIDE assets. In a conference call with the media on Thursday,White denied that the deal had been closed.

However, two sources tell that the deal has in fact been finalized, and that former PRIDE CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara has said as much too former DSE employees in the last 48-hours.

Another interesting point made in the report is that Dana White is unaware of the possibility of a class action lawsuit being filed against PRIDE and DreamStage Entertainment by various former PRIDE fighters and employees.

Citing Issues with several PRIDE fighter contracts, on Wednesday reported that there is a class action lawsuit on behalf of PRIDE fighters looking to get out of their contracts. White, in a conversation with the media on Thursday afternoon, denied any knowledge of the dispute.

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