Report: Misaki-Akiyama Ruled No Contest

Yoshihiro Akiyama knocks out Denis Kang at K-1 Olympia Hero’s 2007. Photo courtesy of K-1.

Japanese mixed martial arts site God Bless The Ring is reporting that Kazuo Misaki’s knockout win over Yoshihiro Akiyama at Yarennoka! on New Year’s Eve has been changed to a no contest.

Misaki knocked Akiyama out with a brutal kick, however that kick connected while Misaki’s arm and legs were touching the mat. Under Japanese rules, a fighter can kick a downed opponent, but not when they are down on all fours.

The no-contest is now the second for Akiyama in three fights. His win over Kazushi Sakuraba at K-1 Premium Dynamite!! 2006 was overturned after it was found that Akiyama had greased himself up with a foreign substance before the bout.

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