Report: Kang Signs With K-1; Set to Face Sakuraba?

Portuguese MMA website Portal do Vale Tudo released a report yesterday stating that Denis Kang is expected to sign a contract with K-1 Hero’s and will fight Kazushi Sakuraba at the promotion’s September 17th event.

The website apparently was in contact with American Top Team’s Alex Davis who was able to break the news. posted a rough translation of the main portion of the article:

After counting a little of its work as to manager in interview to the Vestibule of the Vale Tudo Magazine, Alex J. Davis entered in contact with us. With the end of Pride, many athletes are migrating for other events, and the fans wanted to know where walked the vice-champion of the Pride Bushido GP at 83kg, Denis Kang.

The fighter finishes to sign a contract with the HERO’s and goes to enter in the organization against the former champion of the Pride, always the dangerous Kazushi Sakuraba. The fight will be in day 17 of September, in Kanagawa, in the same show that will count on the ends of the HERO’s.

We reported yesterday in our CKA via MMA Weekly that Kang was expected to sign with an organization over the next few weeks and was targeting the month of September as a possible date of return. I don’t think anyone imagined that an announcement would come this soon…


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