Report: IFL Releases Vetell and Ott

Sam Caplan is reporting that IFL heavyweights Bryan Vetell and Shane Ott have both been released from their contracts to the promotion.

Apparently the decision has nothing to do with the performance of both fighters but rather because the IFL is cutting the amount of teams down:

The decision to release the pair is not believed to be performance related as the league is open to re-signing both fighters in 2008. Based on a scheduled contraction from 12 teams to 8, certain fighters have become victims of a numbers game.

Both fighters posted below average records during their stint in the IFL. Vetell racked up wins over Mo Fowzi and Wayne Cole while being knocked out by Roy Nelson, Devin Cole, and Ben Rothwell. Ott’s lone win in the IFL came against Chad Griggs in April. After that Ott dropped a decision to Roy Nelson and was submitted by Antoine Jaoude at the IFL Grand Prix earlier this month.


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