Report: Gomi Likely to Sign With K-1 Hero’s

K-1 parent company FEG stated earlier this week that PRIDE Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi has made it clear that he is interested in signing with the promotion in the coming months according to The Fight Network.

“I’m not sure on the progress of the contract,” Tanigawa said, “but he has stated his interest in transferring to HERO’S.” Gomi’s PRIDE contract ends in September, and it appears definite his move to HERO’S will follow soon after.

Gomi seems to remain committed to fighting in his home country of Japan. He wouldn’t be the lone former PRIDE competitor that has decided to stay in his native land - Kiyoshi Tamura and Ikuhisa Minowa both recently signed with K-1 as well. If he does indeed decide that K-1 is the right promotion for him, he will have the opportunity to face some good competition.


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