Report: CBS in Talks With UFC?

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer is reporting through Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times that CBS is currently talking with the UFC about the idea of producing multiple specials for the network that would air in prime-time slots:

Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times has reported that CBS is talking with UFC about producing one or more prime time network specials. The writers strike is making the talks more serious, because the network would be in need of first-run unscripted prime time programming when the shows on the schedule run out of fresh episodes.

The discussions are obviously being held because of the current Hollywood writers strike. However it’s interesting to note that the talks have become much more serious in recent days, hinting that preliminary meetings have already taken place.

The majority of sitcoms are going to run out of new shows in January most likely, which means that shows that don’t need writers will be getting more attention, like reality shows for example. Live sporting events are an obvious alternative in this case. I’ve also heard that NBC is considering possibly running WWE’s Monday Night Raw as well.



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