Report: BodogFight Nearly Dead

Photo by David M Singer.

BodogFight, the once promising mixed martial arts promotion founded by millionaire Calvin Ayre, seems to be on it’s last legs after suffering brutal financial losses in 2007.

The news comes from Adam Swift of MMA Payout, who found through Dave Meltzer’s recent print edition of Wrestling Observer that Ayre and company reportedly lost $38 million last year, despite holding three live events and a slew of tapings for their weekly shows on ION Network.

More from Swift:

Most of the company’s employees have been let go, there are no events planned (although they are sponsoring some smaller events), there is no new TV deal, and a recently proposed small budget (with the idea of slowly rebuilding) by Jeff Osborne was turned down.

Matt Lindland’s claims of the organization failing to pay their fighters and honor their contracts are starting to seem more and more legit these days. Despite being the promotion’s figurehead for some time now, Bodog welterweight champ Nick Thompson’s potential departure may be a sign of things to come as well.


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