Report: Armando Garcia to Resign From CSAC (Updated)

Armando Garcia. Photo courtesy of

Armando Garcia will reportedly formally resign from his post as the head of the California State Athletic Commission at the group’s next meeting on November 18 in Los Angeles according to

Numerous commission-hired employees who asked not to be identified confirmed to on Saturday that Garcia had left the post, but were not given details of his exit. corresponded with Garcia via email as late as Thursday to discuss the CSAC’s decision to suspend the promoter licenses of Pro Elite and King of the Cage last Wednesday.

Commission representatives declined to comment on Garcia’s departure at a state-regulated MMA event on Saturday in Fresno, Calif. Representatives said an official statement from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the commission, would be issued shortly.

While the official reason behind his departure remains unknown, rumors are circulating regarding potential backlash that the CSAC received due to Garcia’s decision to suspend the promoter licenses of EliteXC and King of the Cage late last week. Garcia was involved in many controversial rulings during his three years as the head of the CSAC, including the suspension of Sean Sherk for a positive steroids test and not allowing Nick Diaz to fight because of a medical marijuana prescription. Fightlinker has a recap of Garcia’s past here.

Update 11/11 5:00 PM ET: Michael Swann of is reporting through an anonymous source that Garcia may have been booted from his position as chairman of the CSAC due to a sexual harassment suit that is being levied on him:

Well, a female office technician, Lily Galvez, was observed “hand feeding” Armando and adjusting his attire at events, in the office, and in the field. She also accompanied him on trips. In itself this is third party harassment because others in the office could question perceived favoritism because they chose not to fulfill his every whim.

The problem is that when a couple is so obvious about their in-house affair, it’s not long before the whole crew knows it.

“Everyone said it was a secret and how did I find out?” My source asked. “I told them it was his own office staff that tells all. They’re the first ones to tell the gossip and news.

“Why be tight lipped now? Everyone knows now. It was a stupid thing to do on both parts.”

Apparently Lily cut off the relationship and Garcia continued to pursue it anyway. Taking in account the dozens of interviews and documentation for the articles, I almost feel as if I know Armando on a personal basis. I can only imagine his response for being dumped and rejected in his own office.

In any event, Lily Galvez filed suit charging sexual harassment.


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