Renato “Babalu” Sobral Fined $25K

The Fight Network is reporting that the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted today to withhold Renato Sobral’s $25,000 win bonus following his actions at UFC 74: Respect.

Controversy ensued when Sobral locked on a fight-ending anaconda choke and refused to let go after his opponent David Heath tapped ultimately choking him unconscious. During his post-fight interview Babalu stated that he felt he needed to teach Heath some respect.

“Always, like in every fight I didn’t understand what he is talking about because after the fight I’m tired and didn’t realize what he was talking about,” explained Sobral. “I didn’t say at any time that I hold the choke. I did say I did what I did to teach some respect because the show was called ‘Respect.’ I just talked about my own words, not about Joe Rogan’s questions. I never understood what he said after the fight because my English is not that good.”

Erik Apple, Babalu’s former training partner, commented on the situation saying “The NSAC kept the entire win purse and issued no suspension. That’s a hefty fine for a family that just moved to the USA and is trying to set up a stable life here.”


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