Reminder: Support Team Tanner

Team Tanner’s new shirt is now available for purchase.

When former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner returns to action this summer against Kendall Grove at The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale, he will once again be giving mixed martial arts fans around the world the opportunity to have their own spotlight in sponsoring a fighter.

An idea that became a reality, Tanner is straying away from the usual suspects that fighters are traditionally sponsored by and is paying tribute to the fans in the form of “Team Tanner.” With perks ranging from a personalized t-shirt to the chance to work as Tanner’s cornerman during one of his fights, it’s obvious why the concept has become so popular so fast.

Those that are interested in helping Team Tanner grow are now able to purchase the new team shirt. (Front design is above, entire shirt can be seen here.) The shirt can be purchased through Tanner’s official website or Driving Force Sports. Shipping for orders inside the United States is free.

The shirt that Tanner wore for his fight against Yushin Okami at UFC 82: Pride of a Champion and assorted beanies are also available but in limited quanities. Those that are interested in working with Tanner and his trainers behind the scenes for his next fight are asked to contact Tanner for pricing.


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