“Redbelt” Released in Theatres Today

“Redbelt”, the latest movie to be based off of the world of mixed martial arts, was released in theatres nationwide earlier today. Unlike “Never Back Down”, which was released earlier this year, the cast of the film has some more notable names - Tim Allen and Chiwetel Ejiofor for starters.

MMA fans will be pleased to find that a wealth of major players in the sport are featured in the flick as well. Those who see the film may enjoy the presence of UFC commentator Mike Goldberg, grappling wizard Jean Jacques Machado, radio host Scott Ferrall, and longtime veteran Enson Inoue. However the biggest part played by an MMA presence is that of current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, who plays the role of Dylan Flynn.

I haven’t seen the movie just yet, (I plan to this weekend and will give a full report afterwards) but early reports suggest that while the film may be lacking in action/fight scenes, it’s still a decent movie. James Brydon of Rogers Sportsnet gives his must-read take here.


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