Ray Lewis to the UFC?

From JBM216 on Flickr.

I don’t buy this for a minute but I guess it’s worth reporting on just because of the name alone…

MediaTakeout is reporting through “inside sources” that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is on the verge of signing a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

According to a person who works at the UFC, the Baltimore Ravens star linebacker and the league have been negotiating for months and are close to closing the deal. The insider said “Ray Lewis was an All-American wrestler in high school, and he’s just an all around bad ass. He’ll fit in perfectly here.”

The insider claims that the deal wouldn’t interfere with Ray’s NFL career. “We’re not looking to sign him on full-time, just a match or two a year - and he can handpick the opponent ... He has such a big name that it will do wonders for the sport.”

Sounds like a bunch of lies to me. I could never imagine Dana letting Lewis or anyone for that matter, pick and choose their opponent.

Touch of gloves to Five Ounces of Pain for the find.


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