Quote of the Day: WEC Matchmaker Prefers YouTube Over Video for Scouting

Urijah Faber. Photo property of World Extreme Cagefighting.

“Four years ago I had so many videotapes that I was running out of room to store them,” he said. “But now, since the advent of YouTube, I’ve moved my VCR out and I just spend a whole lot of time on YouTube. It’s indispensable. It’s incredible. Before I had to try really, really hard to find tapes and go through fighters’ reels. Now with YouTube it’s cut way down on the amount of work you have to do to see fighters. A guy gets a fight, puts it on YouTube, sends an e-mail with a link and that’s it.”

— WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby discusses his preference of YouTube over VHS these days when scouting fighters for Zuffa in a recent interview over at MMA FanHouse. While the UFC and a few other of the bigger organizations are vehemently against their copyrighted video showing up on video-sharing websites, almost all of the smaller regional shows aren’t, giving Shelby and Joe Silva easy access to a budding prospect’s latest fights.



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