Quote of the Day: Monte Cox on Fighter-Manager Handshake Deals

Monte Cox. Photo by Tracy Lee/CombatLifestyle.com

“It’s becoming more of a business than a sport. I’m an odd character in that I don’t do contracts. For 13 years, I’ve gone on a handshake. But now, it’s become a little different in that you take somebody that you’ve developed and you’ve built and they’re making a lot of money and then they jump to somebody else. And it leaves you holding the bag. So now I’m definitely thinking about going with written contracts.”

- Longtime manager and promoter Monte Cox comments on the evolution that fighter representation is currently going through in mixed martial arts in a must-read article at Sherdog.com. Because of the number of fighters switching from managers to agents, Cox is now considering switching to written contracts, instead of the famous handshake agreement that allowed to make the likes of Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, and Jens Pulver stars in MMA.


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