Quote of the Day: Mir Wouldn’t Mind Coaching Lesnar in the Future

Frank Mir. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“Three or four years from now, if I decide to switch over into full time coaching, I would like to coach Brock,” said Mir. “I see a lot of things that he’s done in his last couple of fights that I think are mistakes that are not really his fault, they’re maybe his trainer’s faults. How can he be so talented, an NCAA champion, probably one of the best wrestlers to come out of college in the heavyweight division, and still make some of the real basic balancing and footwork mistakes that he’s making right now?”

— Interim UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir tells MMA Weekly that he would be interested in potentially coaching Brock Lesnar, his opponent in the main event of UFC 100 this July.

For what it’s worth, Mir is right. In all four of Lesnar’s professional fights, he’s shown multiple basic mistakes. Then again, we have to remember that he’s just getting started in the sport. It will take him years before he can be considered anywhere near a complete fighter.

What bothers me here is the fact that Mir is pointing these things out in regards to Lesnar even though he makes the same exact errors himself during fights. I really hope he’s not letting the win over an obviously less than 100% Nogueira go to his head…


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