Quote of the Day: Matt Lindland Isn’t Giving up Yet

Matt Lindland. Photo courtesy of Fat Boy Magazine.

“I think I’m nearing the end of that, I’m 41, but if I got the right offers and the right contract, and I’ve been looking at some stuff recently, early this spring. I think I’ve got at least another tournament or one more run at it with a promotion company that wants to get behind and support, and try to push that envelope. I really believe I still possess all the skills and my skills keep getting better. I learn something new everyday. I’m having a lot of fun coaching, I’m having a lot of fun running the gym, and working with Takedown and the promotion. As an athlete, it’s so hard to give that up. It’s not something you do for the money, it’s something you do intrinsically because you like to compete and you like to prove you can still get out there and compete."

— Despite losing four of his last five, including two fights via devastating KO, Team Quest co-founder and former top ranked middleweight Matt Lindland tells MMA Weekly that he is entertaining offers to return to action early next year despite recent retirement rumors that were actually started by Lindland himself.


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