Quote of the Day: Gina Carano would love to be a part of women’s MMA these days

Gina Carano. Photo by Esther Lin/AllElbows.com.

"I love what's happening now. I love that Ronda came along and revamped the sport, and she brought it back. It broke my heart when it fell apart a few years ago. It was kind of hard when I was fighting, because people were saying, 'Who are you going to fight now? What are you going to do now?' I would love to be a part of it now. When I watch UFC, it's still my dream to fight. I'm so happy that it's happening for the women. I feel like I was a part of the beginning of it."

— Gina Carano, the former face of female MMA, tells ESPN her thoughts on the current state of her side of the sport and leaves the door open for a potential return.


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