Q & A: Jonathan Goulet

Jonathan “The Road Warrior” Goulet is a veteran of the UFC and TKO, holding a professional MMA record of 16-7. Some of Goulet’s more notable victories have come against Jeff Joslin, Travis Galbraith, Tony Fryklund, John Alessio, and Shonie Carter. Goulet is also currently the number one contender for the TKO Welterweight Title.

Goulet is a well rounded fighter who is versed in Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a potent striker. His most recent fight was a loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 6. Goulet also recently signed a three fight deal with the UFC back in August.

Here is a short, recent question and answer set that we did with Jonathan discussing his fight with Koscheck and his plans for the near future…

MMA on Tap: How did you get your nickname, “The Road Warrior”?

Goulet: I hit the road in 2003 and went to fight in Davenport, Iowa and Hawaii without anyone with me - coaches, cornermen, trainers, no one at all. My next fight after that was against Jeff Joslin at TKO 14. The name of the event was “Road Warriors” and after the fight my manager called and gave me the nickname.

MMA on Tap: Your last fight was in August, what have you been doing lately to keep busy?

Goulet: I’ve continued to train and work on my game. I’ve trained with a local wrestling team as well as my MMA team - Triumph Fight Team. I also have had the chance to work with my friends Georges St. Pierre and Patrick Cote. When I’m not doing that I’m just spending time with my daughter, family, and friends.

MMA on Tap: Speaking of Georges, he will be rematching Matt Hughes for the UFC Welterweight title on November 18th. Care to give any predictions on what may happen?

Goulet: Georges St. Pierre is going to be the new champion. Matt is a legend and the belt holder but on that day, a new champion is going to be crowned. St. Pierre will lead the way for the new generation…

MMA on Tap: Update us on your BJJ belt status if you can. The most recent information we could find was that you are a blue belt under Wagney Fabiano. Have you received your purple belt yet?

Goulet: Unfortunately, I’m not training with Wagney anymore. I haven’t gotten another belt as of yet. I really don’t know what my belt rank is to tell you the truth. I believe that it’s higher than a blue belt but it doesn’t really matter to me anyway. Getting another color isn’t important to me.

MMA on Tap: During your most recent fight against Josh Koscheck, you had the words “For Rent” on your head. What was the meaning behind it and did anyone actually inquire about renting space?

Goulet: Well with a loss it’s hard to get people to rent space on my head. My plan is to put the name of my principal sponsor on my head when I find one.

MMA on Tap: Were you surprised at all with Koscheck’s striking in the fight or did you prepare for everything?

Goulet: I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. You know ever since my fight against Duane Ludwig, I’ve been kind of scared to fight on my feet and then I was stopped again by Koscheck. I just have to remember that things happen.

However since the fight in August, I’ve been sparring with a pro boxer. The training is intense since they are looking to just blow my head off but I’ve improved a lot. I’ve surprised everyone down there with my boxing, especially myself.

MMA on Tap: You mentioned the Ludwig fight so let’s talk about that for a moment. It was your second fight in the UFC and you lost by knockout in just 11 seconds. I believe you were actually favored to win that fight and were slated to possibly fight Diego Sanchez at UFC 58 provided that you defeated Ludwig. Did the loss break your spirits or set you back in any way?

Goulet: The loss didn’t break my spirit, I’m still a warrior. He did break my confidence and that was something that my trainers and I worked on, I really wanted to grow up as a fighter.

I’ll be back in the Octagon or a ring very soon and I will do all that I can to win my fights. I really want to beat the hell out of Ludwig, I’m seriously so tired of talking about him.

MMA on Tap: Well so much for asking who you are interested in fighting these days…

Goulet: I’d love to have a rematch with Bang, I’m sick of talking about him.

MMA on Tap: In talking with you before, you have stated that you are waiting to hear back from the UFC about possibly fighting on the December card. If the opportunity does present itself, are you going to take it?

Goulet: I haven’t really done much research about the event and on top of that, I really talk about it much anyway. As of right now, I don’t think that I’m going to be fighting in the UFC in December. I received a phone call but again, I’m not permitted to say anything about it.

MMA on Tap: Understandable…You will also be making your return to TKO in February of next year. It is still early, but is there any word on who your opponent might be? Are there any TKO Welterweight title plans in the future?

Goulet: I really can’t say much about those two things either. However I will say that I’m going to burn the Bell Center down with my fight. The crowd is going to go crazy as hell for my performance, I can promise that.

MMA on Tap: Speaking of the Bell Centre in Montreal, it’s projected to be venue for TKO’s event in February. I’m guessing that it’s almost a sure thing now. Anyway, if the organization enjoys success once again using the arena, would it be possible to have shows in other major cities in Canada such as Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver?

Goulet: I really don’t know Stephane Patry’s plans for a lot of things in the future. I will say though that if he does plan to expand into other parts of Canada, I definitely want to be a part of things.

MMA on Tap: TKO has announced that they will be using a cage again in February, taking a page out of the UFC’s book. Do you think it will improve your chances being that you have already fought in the Octagon three times this year? Also, will the transition from a ring to a cage be difficult for the TKO veterans who didn’t fight on the September card?

Goulet: To fight in the UFC for the first was huge, the organization is so big. The transition from a ring to a cage was hard for me to be honest. I’m not really too sure how it was for fighters in TKO to fight in the Octagon for the first time. Either way fighting is fighting, it doesn’t really matter where it is, you always feel some kind of stress.

MMA on Tap: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans reading at MMA on Tap?

Goulet: If anyone wants to know anything else about me, I have a page on myspace.com where I post blogs and pictures.


MMA on Tap: Thanks for taking your time to do this with us Jonathan. It was a lot of fun.

Goulet: Thank you.


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