Pulver: 145 LBS Not Set in Stone

Rumors were running rampant yesterday concerning Jens Pulver’s participation at the WEC’s event on September 5th. Various media outlets reported that Pulver would make his debut at 145 lbs on that date but Pulver revealed yesterday that he’s still unsure about the location of his next bout.

Pulver Wants 145, But Ready to Fight Anywhere

“I think I’ve made it clear to everyone that I’d love to fight at 145 [pounds], but I’m ready to do whatever Dana, Joe and Monte want me to do. If they want me at 145, that’s where I’ll go. If they want me to continue at 155, I’ll fight there.”

Those were the words of Jens Pulver yesterday as we talked about rumors that he is fighting in the WEC on Sept. 5. “I don’t know when my next fight is yet,” confirmed Pulver.


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