Pro Elite Invests in Cage Rage

The Fight Network is reporting that Pro Elite has stepped in and purchased John Faraday’s stake in Cage Rage. According to The Fight Network, John Faraday was the majority stakeholder in the company. The show will still be run by Andy Geer and Dave O’Donnell but they did state that a priority of theirs would be to improve the quality of their broadcasts in association with Pro Elite.

“Yes, John Faraday has left,” says Geer. “Pro Elite’s now with us, and they’re investing heavily in different areas.”

“We [Andy Geer and Dave O’Donnell] are still running the show,” says Geer. “At present there is no finished deal, but one of our priorities will be working with their [Pro Elite’s] TV contacts to improve the quality of our broadcasts.”

In addition to the broadcast upgrades, the two organizations will now participate in fighter exchanges.

In addition to broadcast upgrades, the two organizations will participate in fighter exchanges as early as next year, says Geer.

“All in all this partnership with Pro Elite will help our brand grow,” says O’Donnell. “It’ll help us become one of the world leaders in MMA - it’s a great time for Cage Rage and our sport in general.”



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