PRIDE Releases Statement on Closing of Offices

PRIDE FC Worldwide released an official statement earlier today concerning the firing of it’s employees and the closing of it’s offices in Tokyo.

Here are the details:

- The release was basically made to counter what are being referred to as “false reports” by the media. Those false reports included the employees not being compensated and that Zuffa had lied to PRIDE officials and it’s fans following the purchase back in March. Both things are apparently untrue. PRIDE FC Worldwide President Jamie Pollack stated that Zuffa tried to save the brand but were unable to because of the uncooperative staff from DSE, the company that Zuffa purchased PRIDE from. Their actions have apparently prevented Zuffa from putting on any PRIDE events in the future. Employees are also going to be paid their retirement allowance.

- Zuffa’s legal counsel advised them that Japanese law would prevent them from keeping employees on board without having the required office space.

- PRIDE FC Worldwide will continue to operate as a company and will promote itself in Japan and the United States. Future plans include the airing of past events, releasing previously unreleased content, and marketing DVD’s and other products.

- The chances of a future PRIDE event being held in the future are slim to none. All fighters are apparently being encouraged to talk with the UFC concerning their fighting careers.



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