PRIDE Planning Museum Establishment

PRIDE Worldwide owner, Lorenzo Fertitta, has stated he has plans to build a museum establishment along with gyms and sports bars. Apparently the museum will be built in Tokyo and it will include a section commemorating PRIDE’s past and present champions.

From Nikkan Sports:

In the face of Headquarters Chief Takeda, the darkness completely it was not. On the contrary beginning and ending, “PRIDE museum” establishment plan was revealed with bright expression. With idea ??????it is the owner of the American comprehensive case competition group UFC, as for Headquarters Chief Takeda “in the vague place, it is the intention which is established in city center such as thought and Roppongi which is not the intention of making”. The museum the sport bar which lets flow the treasure goods exhibition and past tournament image of the successive ace, putting in place the actual ring, becomes the synthesis facility e.g., it can do also release practice and the fitness.


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