PRIDE 34: Kamikaze Live Blog

We’ll be going live at 3 AM EST to cover PRIDE 34: Kamikaze. This will be the final show run under DSE management.

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PRIDE 34: Kamikaze

Ricardo Arona vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Kazuyuki Fujita vs Jeff Monson
Don Frye vs James Thompson
Shinya Aoki vs Brian Lo-A-Njoe
Zelg Galesic vs Makoto Takimoto
Eric Esch vs Wagner da Conceicao Martins
Akira Shoji vs Gilbert Yvel
Edson Drago vs Yoshihiro Nakao

- It’s just about time. Some pre-event business going on. It’ll be interesting to see if they announce anything as they hinted to it at the press conference yesterday.

- They are introducing the judges, PRIDE officials and referees are ringside.

- The lights in the arena dim and the big screens light up. “The Last Show Under Dream Stage Entertainment. Live from Tokyo, PRIDE 34: Kamikaze”

- They are showing some of PRIDE’s great moments on the big screen.

- PRIDE theme music begins as the curtains fall.

- The first match, Edson Drago vs Yoshihiro Nakao.
- Second match, Eric Esch vs Wagner da Conceicao Martins.
- Third match, Zelg Galesic vs Makoto Takimoto.
- Fourth match, Akira Shoji vs Gilbert Yvel.
- Fifth Match, Don Frye vs James Thompson. (Frye gets a good reception as does Thompson).
- Sixth match, Shinya Aoki vs Brian Lo-A-Njoe.
- Seventh match, Ricardo Arona vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.
- Eighth match, Jeff Monson vs. Kazuyuki Fujita.

- First up is a heavyweight bout between Edson Drago and Yoshihiro “Kiss” Nakao.

Edson Drago vs. Yoshihiro Nakao

- Drago is the first fighter to come out. He shadow boxes as he makes his way down the ramp.

- Next out is “Kiss” Nakao who walks down the ramp looking focused and ready.

- The come to the middle and take part in a tame staredown. Nakao attempts to come forward but his cornerman holds him back.

Round 1:

The first round starts with a quick shot by Nakao. Nakao puts Drago on his back as he works in side control. He quickly moves to the half guard. Drago scrambles and gets in the north-south position where he eats one knee. He then stands but falls again and eats another knee. They stand up and the ref halts the fight to fix Nakao’s glove. They restart and Nakao charges forward with a wild punch followed by a nice takedown. Nakao works from Drago’s half guard as he moves to side control. Drago bucks Nakao and they stand back up. Nakao fakes a shot as they feel each other out on the feet. Nakao attempts to shoot but Drago stuffs it. Nakao gets in an overhand right. Nakao attempts to shoot again but fails. They exchange knees and uppercuts. Drago tosses a few wild shots that miss. Back to the middle where they both look for openings. Nakao comes forward but Drago shoves him off. Nakao lands a nice spin kick to the body. He shoots but Drago again sprawls. Straight kick from Nakao. Drago throws a sloppy left right combo. Low kick from Nakao. Nakao with an overhand as Drago comes forward. Nakao shoots again and secures the takedown. Again he begins to work from Drago’s half guard. Nakao throws a shot to the body as he looks for a kimura. Drago scrambles and gets back to his feet. Drago comes in with a left jab. Nakao answers wtih a wild combo. A good right from Drago. Again Nakao shoots in and takes Drago down. Nakao gets side control where he lands a right. Nakao lands a good knee from the top. Another knee from Nakao as Drago has regained half guard. Nakao begins to work for the kimura again. Drago is able to squirm free. Nakao with some good rights from the top. Hard hammerfist from Nakao. Nakao moves to side control again as it hits the 1 minutes mark. Nakao locks on some sort of neck crank from the side and the ref jumps in and stops the fight.

Yoshihiro Nakao - Winner Submission

- The lights dim as they show Butterbean on the big screen followed by a clip of Zulu Jr.

- Next up is Eric Esch vs Wagner da Conceicao Martins.

Eric Esch vs Wagner da Conceicao Martins

- Butterbean is the first to come out looking large as always. Butterbean looks extremely focused/pissed as he pulls off his shirt.

- Zulu Jr. follows moments later standing with his arms crossed as Butterbean stares him down from the ring.

- Holy hell, thats two big men…

Round 1:

Zulu Jr. charges forward and they begin to exchange immediately. Butterbean lands some hard punches and rocks Zulu. My god, Zulu takes the fight down and Butterbean reverses him gaining top position. Butterbean smothers him as he works from the top. Butterbean throws a couple of rights from the top followed by a shoulder shot. Butterbean tosses a knee to the body. Zulu attempts to get a kimura locked on as Butterbean nails Zulu’s body and head. Butterbean begins to work for a kumura. He looks to have it. Butterbean locks in a kimura and taps Zulu Jr.! Butterbean celebrates as his corner congratulates him. Butterbean goes over and helps his opponent up from the canvas.

Eric Esch - Winner by Submission (Kimura)

- Butterbean thanks PRIDE, the fans and the sport for everything they’ve done for him.

- Next up is Zelg Galesic vs Makoto Takimoto.

Zelg Galesic vs Makoto Takimoto

- Galesic comes out wearing some fancy robes as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. His corner begins to slowly unwrap him as he stands there and a stares at the crowd. Once unwrapped he quickly makes his way down the ramp.

- Takimoto follows wearing a gi. The crowd provides a solid reception when his name is announced. Takimoto looks fairly calm.

- Takimoto takes his gi off for the fight.

Round 1:

Galesic comes out with a hard high kick early that is blocked. Galesic with a few more punches as Takimoto moves away. Low kick from Galesic. Takimoto comes forward with a wild combo. Two low kicks from Galesic. Takimoto charges forward and gets double underhooks. Takimoto works to secure the takedown. Takimoto gets the takedown and he takes Galesic’s back. He peppers him with a few soft shots as he looks for the choke. Galesic scrambles and Takimoto moves to side control. Takimoto throws some weak rights. Takimoto rolls for an armbar but Galesic powers out. Galesic jumps for a stomp and lands in mount. They then stand and Galesic takes Takimoto’s back. The reverse position and Galesic ends up in Takimoto’s guard. Galesic lands a good right from the top. Galesic stands over Takimoto and the ref lets him up. Galesic lands an excellent left right combo. Takimoto answers with some punches of his own. They continue to exchange and then Takimoto his the canvas. Galesic goes for a stomp followed by a soccer kick. He ends up in Takimoto’s guard and blood begins to leak from Takimoto’s nose. The ref steps in to clean the blood up. They restart in the middle. Takimoto works for an armbar and then they scramble. Takimoto locks up Galesic’s left arm and cranks the kimura on the right. Galesic immediately taps and afterwards he is left laying on the canvas holding his elbow.

Makoto Takimoto - Winner by Submission (Kimura)

- Up next is Akira Shoji vs Gilbert Yvel.

Akira Shoji vs Gilbert Yvel

- Yvel is the first fighter to come out as he bounces around with a smile on his face.

- Shoji receives a great reception from the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp.

Round 1:

Yvel throws a knee early as Shoji charges forward. They exchange and Yvel gets Shoji against the ropes where he lands a knee. Shoji gets the body lock and takes Yvel to the canvas. The fight is restarted in the middle. Shoji works from Yvel’s guard throwing rights and lefts from the top. Yvel locks on the closed guard. Shoji begins to work body, body, head. Shoji postures up and misses with a right. He tries another but Yvel does a solid job avoiding. Shoji moves to the half guard as he grabs ahold of Yvel’s head. Yvel scrambles and grabs ahold of a leg. Shoji responds by grabbing Yvel’s foot. They both work for leg locks. Yvel scrambles and gets on top. He begins to rain down big rights and lefts and the referee decides to step in and call a halt to the fight.

Gilbert Yvel - Winner by TKO (Strikes)

- Next up looks to be Don Frye vs. James Thompson.

Don Frye vs. James Thompson

- Don Frye comes out and the crowd reacts strongly as he does his patented fist pump to get the crowd going. Frye bows to the crowd as he begins the fist pump again.

- James Thompson comes out next as he slams his fists together and begins to make his way down the ramp.

- They meet in the middle and get face to fac in a very intense staredown.

Round 1:

They round starts as Thompson charges forward, Frye shrugs him off as Thompson falls to his back. They get back up and clinch along the ropes. Thompson with knees and uppercuts. They begin to go toe to toe along the ropes. Thompson and Frye both with rights. The ref separates them. Frye shoots in and takes the fight down. Knees from Thompson on the ground. Thompson works from the top as Frye attempts to cover up. Thompson moves to the mount and throws a few shots. Frye gives up his back and they stand back up. Knees from Thompson that Frye looks to block. They clinch as Frye throws a shot to the body. Frye secures the takedown as he works in Thompson’s half guard. Frye holds the giant down. Thompson scrambles and stands up. Frye gets ahold of his neck as Thompson trips him. Frye trying for the guillotine. Thompson gets free as he works from side control. Frye gives up his have again as Thompson starts to rain down hard shots. Thompson with two hard kicks. They stand up and Thompson tees off against the ropes. Frye looks rocked as he fires back. Thompson begins to knee. Frye eats some more big shots. Frye just eating bombs. Frye it out on his feet. Frye is out, this needs to be stopped. The referee finally steps in. Very late stoppage.

James Thompson - Winner by TKO (Ref Stoppage)

- Frye takes the microphone and goes to the center of the ring. The crowd cheers him as he apologizes to the crowd for what happened. Frye thanks PRIDE for inviting him back and says the only people happy right now are the Brits. Mark Coleman congratulates Frye at ringside. Frye thanks and hugs Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

- Thompson takes the mic and gets a good reception. He thanks Frye and says he is his legend. Thompson also thanks Nobuyuki Sakakibara for bringing him back to the organization after some tough losses.

- They are currently in an intermission.

- They begin to show old highlights and an emotional Sakakibara appears talking about how important PRIDE is to him and how he only wants the best for it.

- They show James Thompson out back and he says he feels fine after his war with Don Frye. Thompson talks about how much respect and how tough Don Frye was. One day he wants to achieve what Frye has done.

- Looks like the are just about ready to get things rocking again. Next up should be Shinya Aoki vs Brian Lo-A-Njoe.

- Takada is in the ring addressing the crowd. He calls Sakakibara to the ring to allow him to address the crowd.

- Kazushi Sakuraba is called out and he is making his way to the octagon with a wrestling mask on. Following Saku is Kiyoshi Tamura.

- Sakuraba looks to be getting very emotional in the ring as he still has his mask on.

- Former PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva is sitting ringside.

- Finally it’s time for some fights…

Shinya Aoki vs. Brian Lo-A-Njoe

- Lo-A-Njoe comes out first looking very amped up and confident.

- Aoki follows wearing a white gi as he dances around.

Round 1:

The round starts and Aoki shoots but fails. Lo-A-Njoe attempts a knee but Aoki pulls guard and they hit the canvas. Lo-A-Njoe fires off some good shots from the top then stands back up. Lo-A-Njoe tries the flying knee again and this time Aoki takes him to the canvas and gains top position. Lo-A-Njoe gets top position but Aoki rolls and locks on a tight armbar. He applies the pressure and Lo-A-Njoe is forced to tapout.

Shinya Aoki - Winner by Submission (Armbar)

- Next up is Ricardo Arona vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

Ricardo Arona vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

- Sokoudjou is the first one to come out with the jungle themed music rattling in the background. Sean Tompkins and Dan Henderson in Sokoudjou’s corner.

- The lights dim and Arona’s entrance music begins to echo throughout the arena. He slowly walks down the ramp with Mario Sperry following closely.

Round 1:

They come out slow as Sokoudjou has a taped up knee. Sokoudjou lands two excellent low kicks followed by a high kick that misses. Arona responds with a low kick. Sokoudjou fires off another low kick. Arona responds with one of his own. Another good low kick from Sokoudjou. Sokoudjou goes for another low kick and this time Arona grabs it and goes for the takedown. Sokoudjou works hard to prevent it. He does a solid job stopping the takedown. Sokoudjou lands huge uppercut that sends Arona backwards to the canvas. He follows that up with a soccer kick and the referee stops the fight.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Next up is the main-event between Kazuyuki Fujita and Jeff Monson.

Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Jeff Monson

- First to come out is UFC representative Jeff Monson.

- Fujita comes out next walking to the PRIDE theme song.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Fujita with a weak low kick early. They feel each other out, Monson throws out a weak low kick. Monson fires off a jab. Fujita responds with an overhand right. Monson shoots and gives up position. He regains top control and then takes Fujita’s back standing. Monson secures the takedown and then they scramble. Fujita in north-south. Fujita fires off a knee. Monson continues to work for the takedown. Fujita throws two lefts. Fujita just misses with a soccer kick. The referee stands them up. Monson comes forward and almost slips. Monson with a weak low kick. Monson fakes the shot as Fujita comes forward. Monson attempts the double but fails. Fujita stands over him and begins to kick his legs. They stand back up. Fujita throws a wild combo that misses. Fujita continues to throw wild shots. Monson throws an overhand right. Monson comes forward with two jabs and then an attempted takedown. Fujita sprawls and gains good positioning where he lands a knee. Monson continues to work and again he takes Fujita’s back. Monson begins to throw some shots from the back. Monson attempts to get the hooks in as he has ahold of Fujita’s back. Monson continues to work from the back looking for a choke. Monson sinks in the hooks and chokes Fujita out.

Jeff Monson - Winner by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


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