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Tonight I will be doing a ‘Live Blog’ for the evenings event. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments throughout the night.

Here are some various media links for the time being…

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- Five minutes until we go live folks!

- We are live for PRIDE 33: Second Coming.

- Lon McEachern and Josh Barnett grace the broadcast booth to preview the main-event while four PRIDE ring girls stand in the background.

- The lights cut out as Mr. Takada stands in the middle of the PRIDE ring. He speaks in broken english “Hello, America.”

- “Welcome and thank you for coming to PRIDE 33. We’re back. Back in Las Vegas again. America, you are intense fans. Absolutely great. That was my impression the last event.” Can’t understand this attempt at english… “We we not stop stop there… Tonight clash of warriors will be exciting, even more intense.”

- They are currently showing highlight videos are they prepare for the event to begin.

- The curtain drops as the PRIDE theme music begins to blast through the Thomas and Mack Center. “And now Las Vegas weeeeeee’rreeeee baccckkkk.”

- Joachim Hansen and Jason Ireland and introduced as the first match. Next is Frank Trigg and Kazuo Misaki. The third match, James Lee vs. Travis Wiuff. Next out is Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou followed by Rogerio Nogueira. Mac Danzig comes out clapping followed by a calm Hayato Sakurai. Mike Russow out next followed by Sergei Kharitonov. Alistair Overeem followed by Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. From USA Nick Diaz and from Japan Takanori Gomi. PRIDE welterweight champion Dan Henderson and PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva.

Jason Ireland vs. Joachim Hansen

- They hype the fight up with some interesting pre-fight videos.

- Jason Ireland is the first to make his way to the ring sporting a kilt.

- Steve Mazzagatti is the referee.

- Next out from Norway is Joachim Hansen.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Ireland with two good low leg kicks. Ireland gains the clinch and puts Joachim on his back. Hansen kicks away and stands up. Ireland throws another good leg kick. Hansen charges forward and Ireland sprawls. They pause the fight to check the tape on Hansen’s glove. They restart and Hansen throws a right but Ireland quickly gains the clinch. Hansen throws some shoulder shots while Ireland works the body. Mazzagatti moves it off the ropes. Hansen comes in with a combo and then they gain the clinch. Joachim puts Ireland on his back. Hansen lands some good punches. Hansen moves to side control. Hansen gains the mount and then Ireland gives up his back. Ireland almost bucks Hansen off. Hansen regains control. He gets the body triangle while working for the choke. Hansen keeps the high mount but Ireland slips out. They stand up and meet in the middle. Hansen lands a punch as they gain the clinch. Hansen throws a knee and then trips Ireland. Hansen then rolls and takes Ireland’s back. Hansen lands some hard shots from the back. Ireland rolls out again and stands over Hansen who is on his back. Ireland throws a kick and then he jumps into Hansen’s guard. Ireland ended the round with a flurry.

Round 2:

They exchange some low kicks followed by high kicks. The fight hits the canvas momentarily and then Hansen lands a huge right uppercut. Hansen begins to throw some vicious knees. He gets Ireland against the ropes where he begins to throw some hard punches and knees. Hansen then takes him to the canvas where Ireland attempts a guillotine that fails. Ireland gives Hansen his back again. Hansen lands a hard knee. Ireland throws a low kick. Hansen gets Ireland against the ropes where he throws some hard shots. Hansen lands another hard knee and then takes the fight to the canvas. Ireland tries to work for a kimura. Hansen works from the top when Ireland heels Hansen’s ankle and calf. Ireland continues to work for the kimura. Ireland loses the kimura as Hansen works to get out of his guard. Hansen lands some hard body shots and then he mounts Ireland. Ireland quickly turns and gives up his back. Hansen lands some shots from the back of Ireland. Hansen looks to his corner and moments later he rolls for an armbar. Hansen begins to lands some vicious hammerfists. The round ends with Ireland showing tons of heart.

Round 3:

The round starts with a glove touch and then Hansen gets the Thai clinch where he throws some knees. Ireland drops for the takedown but fails. Ireland then lands some excellent low kicks. Hansen responds with a couple of his own. Hansen throws a combo against the ropes and then Ireland shoots in and puts Hansen on his back. Hansen goes for the triangle which he sinks in. Hansen begins to throw punches from the bottom. Hansen locks the triangle in very tight while he lands some hard punches from the bottom. Hansen then rolls and puts on a very tight armbar. Ireland refuses to tap. Mazzagatti had seen enough and steps in to stop the fight.

Joachim Hansen winner by armbar

- Next up is a battle between Frank Trigg and Kazuo Misaki.

Frank Trigg vs. Kazuo Misaki

- Frank Trigg is the first to come out quickly making his way down the runway. John Lewis walking by his side.

- Denis Kang joins the broadcast crew.

- Kazuo Misaki is the next out. Looking ready he bounces around as he quickly comes down the ramp.

- They meet in the middle with a glove touch.

Round 1:

Misaki starts off with a low kick. They circle around and Misaki misses with a few shots. Trigg shoots in but Misaki stuffs it. Trigg gains the clinch along the ropes. Miaski turns Trigg around and puts him on the ropes. Misaki throws some shots. Trigg gets the takedown and takes side control. They stall as Misaki holds his arm. Trigg throws some hard knees to the body. He begins to throw some weak lefts to the body. Misaki tries bucking but fails. Misaki rolls and Trigg takes his back. Trigg works for the rear naked choke. Trigg secures the body triangle. Trigg lands some very hard punches from the back. Trigg continues to punch from Misaki’s back. Trigg almost secures the choke. Misaki continues to defend as Trigg lands hard shots from the back. Trigg gets the hard facelock on. Miaski gets out. Trigg continues to work from the back. Trigg continues to throw hard shots from the back. Trigg continues to put on a face crank. Trigg ends the round on Misaki’s back.

Round 2:

The second round starts with a body shot from Misaki. Misaki throws a few jabs and then Trigg secures the body lock and slams Misaki to the canvas. Trigg gains side control and begins to work. Trigg lands some hard shoulder shots from the top. Misaki attempts to roll but he fails. Trigg gets some short lefts in. Trigg gains the mount. Misaki rolls, Trigg gets his back. Trigg continues to work from Misaki’s back. They scramble and return to the feet. Misaki throws some punches. Trigg lands a good body kick. Misaki lands a big right hand. Misaki gets in another straight. They exchange some shots. Misaki attempts a flying knee. Trigg looks tired. Misaki lands a hard shot. Misaki lands some body shots. Trigg responds. Trigg shoots in and gets a big takedown. A few short hammerfists from Trigg. Miaski throws some short shots from the bottom. Trigg does a little ground and pound. Trigg covers Misaki’s mouth. Trigg lands a hard left hand. Four left body shots from Trigg. Misaki lands a few heel shots.

Round 3:

They size each other up early. Trigg lands a left hand. Good body kick from Trigg. Misaki throws a few shots. Trigg shoots in and secures a big takedown. Trigg continues to attempt to work from Misaki’s guard as he holds on. Trigg throws some good body shots. Trigg with a few hammerfists. The ref restarts them in the middle. Misaki throws some heel shots fromt he bottom. Trigg throws some lefts. Misaki bucks for a Trigg but misses. That allows Trigg to take side control. Misaki tries to squirm out of it. Trigg continues to pin Misaki down as he relentlessly attempts to squirm out. Trigg throws some knees to the body. Trigg gets north south. He throws a knee to the body. Trigg takes Misaki’s back again. Misaki rolls out and they stand. Trigg lands a hard punch as Misaki misses with a knee. Misaki with low kicks. Misaki misses with a few. Misaki lands a few. Trigg shoots in and secures anothe takedown. Misaki attempts to roll as they are caught in the ropes. Trigg throws some punches to the body. Trigg stalls in Misaki’s guard as the round ends.

Frank Trigg winner by unanimous decision

- Next up is Travis Wiuff versus James Lee.

Travis Wiuff vs. James Lee

- Lee comes out first followed by Wiuff.

- Monte Cox ringside by Wiuff. Chuck Norris in attendance folks… Look out.

Round 1:

They touch gloves and Lee lands a straight right to the chin. Wiuff goes down. Immediately Lee attacks but Wiuff seems to recover as they stand for a moment. Wiuff eats a huge knee and goes down. Lee locks on a guillotine and chokes Wiuff out.

James Lee winner by guillotine choke

- Up next is Nogueira vs. Sokoudjou

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

- Sokoudjou is the first to come out.

- Nogueira is the next to come out receiving a solid ovation.

- Mario Sperry in the corner of Rogerio.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Soko knocks Rogerio unconcious WOW!!! 15 to 1 underdog!!! Sokoudjou lands some hard shots on the canvas as well.

Sokoudjou winner by KO

- Up next is Danzig vs. Sakurai.

Mac Danzig vs. Hayato Sakurai

- Frank Trigg joins the broadcast booth as Danzig walks down to the ring.

- Sakurai comes out next looking very focused.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. They exchange leg kicks early. Hard low kick my Sakurai. Sakurai throws a high kick that misses. Danzig responds with a low kick. Sakurai misses with a punch. Body kick from Danzig. Danzig takes a hard punch as he falls back into the ropes. Sakurai flys in with a flurry of punches but Sakurai fends it off. Danzig goes to the canvas after a few knees but he returns to his feet. Sakurai throws a body shot. They clinch but quickly break free. Hard low kick from Sakurai. Right hand followed by a low kick from Danzig. Hard low kick from Sakurai. Danzig throws a one two combo that misses. Excellent body kick from Danzig as Sakurai comes forward with a combo. Sakurai secures a throw against the ropes. They work for a moment and then the ref restarts them in the middle. Danzig regains the full guard. Danzig works hard on the bottom bucking his hips. Sakurai attempts a few shots from the top but they miss. Danzig utilizes the rubber guard. Sakurai decides to stand up. Hard low kick from Sakurai. Two more low kicks from Sakurai. Sakurai secures a huge takedown as he begins to work for a kimura. Sakurai lets it go and then round ends.

- Sakurai looks very large.

Round 2:

They touch gloves and meet in the middle. Danzig comes forward with a combo and Sakurai gains the body lock and takes Danzig down. Danzig begins to roll for an armbar. Sakurai decides to stand. He attempts a low kick that Danzig blocks. Danzig throws two leg kicks and a good uppercut. Sakurai throws a jab as they both bounce around. Danzig comes forward with a combo. Sakurai lands a nice jab and the pace slows. Sakurai sneaks in a body shot. Sakurai tries a right that misses. Danzig throws a kick that Sakurai catches. Sakurai begins to lay back. Sakurai throws a hard low kick. Danzig comes forward with a kick that misses. Sakurai lands another hard low kick. Good right hand by Danzig. Left hand from Sakurai followed by a very hard low kic. Both fighters then exchange wild haymakers. Danzig takes another couple hard kicks. Overhand right lands from Danzig. Sakurai throws a huge overhand that drops Danzig. Sakurai follows it up with a punch while he is down.

Sakurai winner by KO

- Next up is Sergei Kharitonov vs. Mike Russow.

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Mike Russow

- Mike Russow is the first to make his way to the ring sporting TapouT gear.

- Sergei Kharitonov the next to come out sporting a Russian paratrooper outfit.

- Intense staredown to kick off the action.

Round 1:

Russow attempts a shot early that misses. Kharitonov lands a land left leg kick. Russow tries a takedown the fails. Russow continues to work for the takedown but fails. Russow throws a jab and then clinches with Kharitonov again the ropes. Kharitonov lands a jab followed by a straight right. Kharitonov throws a leg kick which Russow grabs putting Kharitonov on his back. Russow goes down to the canvas with Kharitonov as he gains side control. Russow works from side control. Russow gains the mount and then Kharitonov’s back. Kharitonov gets out of it taking the mount for a moment. He slips off and Russow attempts to regain position from his knees. Kharitonov stands up but Russow secures a big single leg. Russow locks on a hard can opener. Kharitonov lands a body shot. Russow postures up and lands a big shot. Kharitonov grabs ahold of Russow’s arm and locks on an armbar. Yamasaki steps in and Russow complains saying he didn’t tap.

Sergei Kharitonov winner by armbar

- Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Alistair Overeem is up next! Expect fireworks.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Alistair Overeem

- Overeem is the first to come to the ring.

- Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is the next to come receiving a solid ovation for the American crowd.

Round 1:

Shogun misses with a kick early. Comes forward with a combo followed by a high kick. Overeem comes in with a big knee. Shogun a kick followed by a hard combo by Overeem. They clinch and Shogun slips. They exchange shots and then Shogun throws a kick which Overeem catches and hits him with a shot. He lets Shogun up. Shogun comes foward with a combo that misses as Overeem ducks. They clinch along the fence. Shogun shoots and misses. Overeem comes forward with a hard combo followed by a knee. Overeem lands a hard punch. They both clinch and then fall to the canvas. Shogun grabs ahold of Overeem’s arm. Shogun tries to reverse as they stand up. They both throw some huge bombs that just miss. Shogun is able to get the single leg takedown. Overeem lands a good upkick and then Shogun lands a bomb from the top. Shogun lands a shot from the guard. Shogun stands up and dives into the guard with an overhand right that rocks Overeem. He follows that up with some shots and then referee steps in and stops the fight.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua winner by KO

- Millen steps into the ring to interview Shogun. Shogun says “I love America.” He then thanks his team, manager and family.

- Next up is Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz.

Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz

- Gomi says “I want to fight champions. B.J. Penn, Matt Hughes, and Georges St. Pierre.

- Diaz is the first to come out wearing his blue gi and blackbelt. Diaz gives the camera the finger.

- Gomi out next receiving a loud applause looking focused.

Round 1:

Gomi shoots immediately for a takedown. Diaz attempts a kimura. Gomi lands some shots from the top. Gomi continues to work from the top. He shoots in with some punches. Gomi lands some hard punches from the top. The stop the fight and move it to the middle. Gomi tries a few punches from that top that miss. Diaz gets his hips high looking for an armbar/triangle. Gomi lands a couple shots. They stand back up. Diaz takes a body shot and then a hard shot. Gomi drops Diaz. Diaz gains guard and then gives up his back. Gomi throws a few shots but fails. Diaz works from his back as he tries to recover fromt he huge shots. They stand up back up. Diaz lands two hard shots. Giaz is cut. Diaz another bomb. They clinch. Diaz rocks Gomi. Diaz lands some bombs. Gomi is rocked. Both guys rocked. Diaz lands bombs Diaz teeing off. Gomi is rocked. Diaz continues to tee off. Diaz has Gomi out on his feet. Bomb after bomb after bomb. The round ends with Gomi basically out.

Round 2:

Diaz comes out stalking Gomi. Both guys land shots. Diaz lands some more as does Gomi. Diaz lands another hard combo. Gomi gets some good shots in. Gomi lands a bomb that cuts Diaz. They stop the fight to fix it. They return, Diaz lands shots as does Gomi. They exchange bomb after bomb.  Gomi shoots and Diaz locks on an omaplata. DIAZ WINS.

- Huge cut under Diaz’s eye after.
Nick Diaz winner by omaplata

- Next up is Wanderlei Silva vs. Dan Henderson.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Dan Henderson

- Dan Henderson comes out first with the pyrotechnics blasting in the background. The crowd raises to their feet in anticipation of the main event. Matt Lindland in his corner as always.

- Next out is the PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva sporting a Rockstar shirt. He runs down the ramp.

- The fans and fighters stand for the USA and Brazil national anthems.

- Wanderlei looks ready bouncing around in his corner as they showcase the middleweight belt.

- Both fighters look pumped during the staredown.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves. Henderson with a low kick early. Henderson misses with a punch. Henderson comes in with a hard combo and then slips. On the way down he takes a hard shot. Silva hits him with a punch on the ground. Henderson throws elbows to the knees of Silva as Silva works the body from the top. Silva continues to work from the half guard as the crowd boos. The ref yells acccttionn. Silva tires to pass as Henderson gets the butterfly guard. Henderson throws some weak shots and then the ref starts the fight. The ref says action must resume. Both fighters toss some wild shots. Silva gets the clinch and starts kneeing as Henderson throws some rights. Henderson pins Silva against the ropes and knees his legs. The ref spilts them up. Henderson throws a leg kick. Henderson shoots in and fails. Henderson gets Wanderlei on teh ropes and lands some shots. Henderson comes forward with a combo. Silva throws a low kick as Henderson tosses an overhand right that misses. Low kick from Henderson. Low kick from Silva. Low kick from Henderson. Both guys start exchanging wild bombs. Henderson nails Silva and Silva responds with a bomb of his own. Dan seems to be more accurate. They continue to exchange. Silva lands a few bombs that rock Henderson but Henderson responds with a couple hard punches that land. The round then ends.

Round 2:

They size each other early and Silva tosses off some wild shots. Henderson misses with a couple and then they clinch again. Henderson gets the body lock and then the takedown. Henderson gets a headlock followed by two big knees. Henderson then tosses Silva to the canvas again. The ref stops the fight to bring it to the middle. They begin to work in the middle of the ring as Silva throws some shots from the bottom. Henderson attempts to get to side control. Silva keeps the guard maintained. Henderson lands some rights from the top as the crowd chants “USA! USA! USA!”. Henderson lands a left as he continues to work from the top. Wanderlei is cut over his right eye. Henderson lands some shoulder shots followed by some good rights. Henderson continues to rain down hammerfists. Henderson throws another punch. A few weak shots the body and then Silva attempts an armbar that misses. They scramble and Henderson regains top position. The continue to battle on the canvas with little happening. Henderson postures up as he nails Silva with some hard shots. Silva is able to grab on. The ref steps in to move them back to the middle. Henderson misses with a big right. Silva almost locks on an armbar and then Henderson lands two big rights as the round closes.

Round 3:

They round starts with some kicks. They clinch and Silva throws a few knees. They slow down in the middle for a moment. Silva throws a nice leg kick. Henderson gets in a right. Silva comes forward with a combo. Henderson shoots in and they scramble. Silva stands up with a grab on Henderson’s back. Silva lands three huge punches. Good low kick from Silva. Right misses from Henderson. Henderson lands a straight followed by a spinning backfist that rocks Silva. They begin to exchange and Henderson lands a HUGE right that knocks Silva unconcious. Henderson hits him with another and he is out cold.

Dan Henderson winner by KO

- Wanderlei’s corner men walk him out of the ring and into the back.

- Henderson thanks his team and says he must have one hell of a left hand too. Henderson tells the fans to join him at Body English for a few beers or they can go to Wanderlei’s afterparty at the hospital.

- Henderson said “You never know, I might go for a third belt at heavyweight.”


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