Prangley is Ready

With a fight set to take place this weekend, Trevor Prangley lets fans know how training has been going and what he has been up to during his downtime.

“I’ve been training really,” said Prangley of his time since leaving the UFC. “I was supposed to fight in Hawaii in July against Marcello Tigre but that didn’t come around. I was actually at the show when I found out he wasn’t going to make it.”

Prangley continued, “Overall I’ve been staying busy and training a lot down in California at AKA [American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose] and I’m ready to go. After my last fight in the UFC, which was a horrible performance on my part, I decided to take a little time off, get rested and then I started training again for that fight in Hawaii and since then have been staying ready to go.”

Prangley also stated that he feels all of his downtime as of late has really allowed him to become a better more mature fighter.

“We’ve got a great training camp at the AKA right now and I’ve been training hard,” explained Prangley. “I’ve been doing a lot of sparing, cardio work, a lot of everything. I’ve changed my training routine up a little bit. I’m going to be more rested because I think I’ve over-trained for a lot of my fights. [In the past] I trained real hard and wasn’t able to push myself in my fights because I was burnt out, so we changed things. I think people are going to see a much better conditioned Trevor Prangley than before.”

“I’ll be able to finish the fight. When I get someone in danger I’ll be able to finish them instead of trying to conserve energy because I was getting tired real fast and burning fast. So now people are going to be able to see what I’m really capable of,” continued Trevor.

Along with his fight this weekend against Brian Pardoe, Prangley broke news that he will be fighting on the upcoming BodogFight pay-per-view.


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