PFC Wants to Add Kimbo-Tank

The Palace Fighting Championship Mixed Martial Arts promotional organization as a brand is relatively new to the landscape of the fastest growing sport in the world.

However, the folks who own and operate the PFC are industry veterans with solid resources and a strong track record in producing and promoting hundreds of successful events, including a whopping 27 consecutive sold out MMA events in what is a true tertiary market, Lemoore, CA.

In light of the recent news that the CFFC 6 event, which was scheduled to take place on October 12th in Atlantic City, New Jersey has been cancelled the folks at the PFC and Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino are offering to step to the plate and help see the fight between David “Tank” Abbott and Kimbo Slice come to fruition.

“You know I’ve been around, my team and I have promoted or co-promoted over 400 live events, concerts, boxing, MMA, you name it we’ve done it together. We know things happen and shows fall apart, but I am serious when I say that if both sides want this fight to take place all they have to do is call me and we’ll work to make it happen. With our next show only 6 days after their scheduled bout, I think it’s a no-brainer. The fight should take place and it should take place in the PFC,” said Christian Printup, who heads up the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casinos Entertainment Division and also developed the PFC on behalf of the Tachi-Yokut tribe and is one of two managing partners.

The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, formerly known as the Palace Indian Gaming Center, was the home to the World Extreme Cagefighting organization prior to it being bought out by the Zuffa organization. Printup and his staff played a very large role in the development, marketing and production of the pre-Zuffa WEC events and that experience has lead to the PFC rapidly growing and taking over as the leading small show on the West Coast.

“We have some very exciting announcements on the horizon, in regards to television and some other contracts that will help proliferate the PFC brand. We are very proud to be the first MMA organization that is wholly owned by Native Americans and we continue to grow into new markets,” Printup said. “The bottom line is Tank and Kimbo deserve the opportunity to stand face to face, toe to toe and fight. They deserve a payday and frankly there is no worry of investors dropping out with us. The PFC is ready to make this work if they want to fight.”


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