Penn Only Wants an Innocent Sherk

In a recent interview with The Honolulu Advertiser, B.J. Penn states that he only wants to fight UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk if the CSAC decides to clear him of his positive steroids test:

The bout is being called an interim championship fight because current UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk is inactive while protesting a one-year suspension for testing positive for steroids in July. Penn was supposed to challenge Sherk for the title, but delays in the investigation apparently prompted the UFC to create the interim title bout.

“I was told four different times that it was going to be on with Sherk, and it got pushed back every time,” Penn said. “I’m just happy they set something else up. I was getting tired of waiting.”

Penn said he would still like to fight Sherk, but only if Sherk is cleared of the steroids charge.

“If he did win the belt by cheating, that’s ridiculous,” Penn said. “But he’s the one who has to live with it.”

Penn also joked that his bout with Stevenson would be for the “natural” lightweight championship.

“Just like bodybuilding,” Penn said. “If guys are cheating, maybe there should be two divisions.”

Pretty strong words from B.J. right there. As if the lightweight division title situation wasn’t already a mess, it might have just gotten even worse…

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