Penn Moving Past “Countdown” Drama

B.J. Penn. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Reports earlier this week suggested that B.J. Penn was so upset with those producing the “UFC Countdown” shows covering his upcoming fight against Georges St. Pierre, that he banned cameramen from filming his training sessions and had decided to quit filming the show, putting it’s completion in doubt.

After all, the show’s first episode depicted Penn in a negative light of sorts, showing him preparing for a five-day vacation to visit his girlfriend and to heal his body while UFC President Dana White was lead to believe that Penn was slacking off just weeks before the biggest fight of his career.

While that may have been the case at one point, the reigning UFC lightweight champion seems to have put all of the drama past him. During a conference call with the media on Thursday, Penn said that he couldn’t fault White for the way he was portrayed on the program.

“Yeah, I was a little shaken up with some of the stuff on there,” Penn responded after being asked about his thoughts on the show. “Some of the editing and things bothered me. But still… how could I hate Dana White for that, I’ve known him for so long.”

The way the first episode was put together resulted in Penn and his camp re-enforcing his work ethic in the second program, which aired earlier this week. Penn, his family, and his trainers pointed out multiple times that he is going above and beyond what he needs to do in order to prepare for St. Pierre. It was a point that Penn stressed yesterday as well.

“It was definitely not a true representation of my training camp,” Penn said. “It looked like I wasn’t training at all and that I was just going on a little vacation for the hell of it. That’s not me anymore. I used to slack off, but my losses to Georges and Matt Hughes became the biggest motivating factors in my life. I got my life together and now I’m where I am today.

“You have to be crazy to think that I’m going to throw it all away at this point.”


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