Palaszewski Sees Lamas Fight as “Lose-Lose”

Bart Palaszewski. Photo property of World Extreme Cagefighting.

This Sunday’s WEC event lost a little bit of its luster yesterday when Rich Crunkilton was forced to withdraw from his co-main event bout against Bart Palaszewski. In place of Crunkilton will be undefeated Brazilian newcomer Ricardo Lamas, who will enter into the fight with Palaszewski a winner of his first five professional fights.

Palaszewski has taken Crunkilton’s injury pretty hard and feels that regardless of whether or not Lamas is a worthy opponent, their matchup on Sunday presents a “lose-lose situation” for the former IFL standout:

“That kind of sucks, he doesn’t have the exposure in the WEC that Rich did,” Palaszewski said on Tuesday, four hours after hearing the news. “So I don’t know if I’ll have to have another fight in the WEC before I get a shot at Jamie. It’s almost like a lose-lose situation. It’s like when I fought Ivan Menjivar. If he would have beaten me then people would have been like, ‘Oh that guy got beat by a 145 pounder. When I won the fight it was like, ‘Oh Bart beat a 45 pounder (laughs).’ So this kid is 5 and 0 and he’s a solid fighter but he doesn’t have the exposure, he doesn’t have the experience that I do. If he goes the distance it will be like, ‘Oh he went the distance with Bart for three rounds.’ But if he beats me I’m kind of screwed. So I have a lot more to lose than to gain from this fight.”

The only bad part about this whole situation for Palaszewski in my opinion is that he has a chance of getting upset by Lamas. In all likelihood, Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner are going to rematch for the lightweight title later this year, leaving Palaszewski having to fight Crunkilton for a title shot when he’s healthy again anyway.


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